The Parlour of Virtue, On Holiday

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The Parlour prides itself on providing a place for indulgent relaxation […]

It differs from its London parent in […] one aspect: it is currently empty of clientele. […] "We're to provide a space for romance to flourish; we're not to provide any ourselves."

[Find the rest of the story at]

Game Instructions: With A Third Story for Mr Wines: You have created all of the stories you can. Visit Mr Wines in London to receive your reward.

Unlocked with EncounteredJervaise (hidden)

Storylet appears in Mutton Island


Spend time at the Parlour
Offer assistance to Jervaise
Ask about Mr Wines' request
Ask Jervaise to consider forming a pairing
Muttonisland port.png
Continue supervising a Mutton Island courtship