The Radical Factotum will be pleased to take them from you

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From: Shed your Phosphorescent Beetles

"You must come up to the rooftops. There's something you deserve to see."

Game Instructions: This will always give you Memories of Light. There may be other effects.

Unlocked with 50 x Phosphorescent Scarab

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 60%)


A quick look

"Our persecution by the Masters of the Bazaar makes the work difficult. […] Let me show you something..."

[…] it's difficult to remember what you saw […]. A soft and pulsing radiance. A greenness like the forest after rain. An armature of mirrors.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Rare Success

Just how much gratitude?

[…] A […] radiance. A greenness […]. An armature of mirrors. A darkness contained by light, like an egg with its sleeping serpent...

"These beetles came at a crucial juncture. […] The work on the... device can continue. […] you have her gratitude."

[Find the rest of the story at]


On a breezy Flit rooftop

"Yes, the beetles turned up yesterday. Most satisfactory. Now, look at this, just for a moment. Any longer and... well, you don't want to know."

A flare of ragged green light! A cry! You are hustled quickly back to the street.