The Sanctuary of the Crimson Petals 2

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From: Pursuing an Archaeological Expedition

The scent of roses, cloying as a bath of perfume. Columns hung in tattered scarlet form a circle around a pane of broken glass. This must be the place.

Unlocked with 40 x Archaeologist's Progress, An Expedition: Seeking the Sanctuary of the Crimson Petals (The Sanctuary of the Crimson Petals)

Locked with Rivals' Progress 10


Red and red and red

A framed slab of glass […] infernal provenance[…] a roll of caprine vellum, still warm[…]

It is a contract between Hell and select citizens of the Fourth City[…] to last until the emptying of the Fourth City.

Nevercold brass, souls, honey lie strewn[…] Offerings? […]

Description summary:
You found evidence of a contract between agents of Hell - likely the goat demons - and some citizens of the Fourth City, involving the "arts of the glass".

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Rare Success

The wild, wild roses

[…] Rose bushes surround a slab of polished glass. Their roots dig through holes […]The glass slab hangs in a brass frame[…]The damage is deliberate; several slivers have been carefully removed.[…] Horns blare nearby! You should not linger.

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Wiki note: 17.27% after 330 successful expeditions(57)