The Tomb of the Seven

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From: Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter

There was a king they call the 'Final Khan', or sometimes, 'the Interpreter'. He ruled the Fourth City 'long after their Fall'. He was buried with seven... somethings. Tools? Treasures? Tablets? Find his tomb, and find them.

Game Instructions: You will need at least 30 Supplies to complete this: more will give you a margin. You will also need to have raised your A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets quality to 5.

Unlocked with 30 x Crate of Expedition Supplies, Archaeologist 3, A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets exactly 5, An Expedition: You are not currently on an Expedition

Locked with Set of Correspondence Stones, A Scholar of the Correspondence


The fire and the serpent

Cave-snakes are everywhere in the Quarter: but the Tomb, they say, is 'where torchlight wakes the snakes'. Those are the signs to seek.

You are not alone. Both the deviless Virginia and the scholar Orthos have heard the same tales. […]

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Conclusion: The Tomb of the Seven!

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