The Unexpected Smell of Roasting Meat

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You return to your lodgings one evening to find a familiar face hoisting a roasting pan from your stove. "Well don't look too surprised," says the Unlucky Devil. [...]


"I need you to arrange a meeting for me. With the Brass Embassy. […] Will you do it?"

Description summary:
The end of the first paragraph varies depending on your level of A Friend of an Unlucky Devil.

A Friend of an Unlucky DevilDescription
1But where has he been since you escaped New Newgate? He looks peevish as he carves the meat. "Lying low. And not from the Constables."
2But how did he get out of New Newgate? "All by myself," he says, as he takes a knife to the meat.

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Unlocked with A Friend of an Unlucky Devil 1-2

Card drawn in Fallen London

Occurs with Very Infrequent Frequency (half as common as Standard)


Set up the meeting
Betray the Unlucky Devil to Hell
Send him back to New Newgate
Poison the Unlucky Devil