The Way to the Gateless Garden

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Description summary:
The description varies with The Efficient Commissioner's Tale.

The Efficient
Commissioner's Tale
175The three of you set out from a bedroom in the east wing of the Royal Bethlehem. The Efficient Commissioner keeps her elbows in, and makes sure not to touch anything […] When it comes to the mirror, she steps through with evident relief. […]
176The ground here is a giant clockwork, ticking ceaselessly. "We are inside an engineer's dream, are we?" […] […] A second hand sweeps past, huge. The Efficient Commissioner hops over it, despite her age, as though she were a schoolgirl skipping rope.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Set out with the Manager to free the Sleeping Merchant from a shackled sleep.

Storylet appears in Viric Jungle


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Let the Efficient Commissioner ask questions while you walk
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    Action Cost: 0



    The Merchant's history

    • Booksmall.png An occurrence! Your 'The Efficient Commissioner's Tale' Quality is now 176 - You have obtained the help of the Manager of the Royal Beth; you can continue working on the debt in the Bazaar Side-Streets!
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    Challenge information

    Narrow, Glasswork 7 (50% base) || 3 and below - almost impossible (10%) || 4 - high-risk (20%) || 5 - high-risk (30%) || 6 - tough (40%) || 7 - very chancy (50%) || 8 - chancy (60%) || 9 - modest (70%) || 10 - very modest (80%) || 11 - low-risk (90%) || 12 and above - straightforward (100%)


    A warning

    Redirects to: A Paler Shade of Gant


    A false start

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