Throwing the Shuttle

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This deep in the labyrinth of potential futures, one might weave one's fate anew. You need only choose a thread to follow.

Game Instructions: Seeing certain possible futures will reveal more options in this storylet. Choosing an option here will reveal a little more about the possible destinies in store in each future; you will have a chance to back away before spending your Promissory Note.

Unlocked with Promissory Note to Yourself, Knowledge of the Crossroads 5

Storylet appears in A Brilliant Future and in A Chilly Future and in A Dark Future and in A Jewelled Future and in A Nearby Future and in A Neon Future and in A Ruinous Future and in A Silvered Future and in An Abyssal Future and in An Altered Future


Bazaar skyline.png
A nearby future
A dark future
Future brilliant.png
A brilliant future
Future altered.png
An altered future
Future neon.png
A neon future
Reject this meddling in your own Destiny