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How to get a Destiny[edit]

Destinies are currently available during three holidays: the Fruits of the Zee Festival, Hallowmas, and Christmas. The Destinies and associated glimpses of the future are the same during all three holidays; only the way to start the stories differs.

Fruits of the Zee Festival[edit]

To find your Destiny at the Fruits of the Zee Festival, you must first Hire a fishing boat to go fishing. You need to land a Strange Catch 5+. Then visit The Fruits of the Zee Festival! and cycle Sights at the Festival until you get Sights at the Festival 0-33. Offer your Strange Catch to the Drownies and they'll take you to The Drowning Feast where you can choose your Destiny.


To find your Destiny during Hallowmas, you must first wait for Visitors at Hallowmas. The visitor you choose will determine which possible future you can experience and thus which Destinies are available to you. You can change this by taking different visitors until you lock it in at The Gates of Midnight, but keep in mind each visitor has a cost.

Every visitor requires Making Waves 5 and Nightmares 5 and will reduce your Making Waves. Most visitors also require other Qualities and/or cost other items.

Visitor Costs / Requirements A Possible Future: Associated future
A thud at the window 1 x Tiny Cave Fish The Taste of Blackest Brine An abyssal future
A greedy thud at the window
A furtive knock at the back door - A Darkness in the Air An obscure future
An unmarked black coach A Scholar of the Correspondence 1 The Chill of the Void A chilly future
A metallic rap at the door Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 2 A Pricked Finger A silvered future
The Bishop of Southwark
  • Hellfarer 10
  • A Brazen Fate - With Cleansing Blade FATE
A Diabolical Diplomat
A sword in the streets - A Blaze of Distant Light A jewelled future


To find your Destiny during Christmas, you need an Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow and Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre 1+. Use the Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow. Select the The Oracle of the Lintel and you will dream of The Gate of Tears where you can choose your Destiny.

Glimpses of the Future[edit]

There are 5 different glimpses of the future and each has 4-5 options. Your Destiny depends on which glimpse you view and which option you select during that glimpse. Some Destinies can be found in multiple glimpses, but all options within a glimpse give different Destinies.

Since glimpses of the future are story-heavy in addition to having the mechanical effects of awarding Destinies, this guide includes multiple tables to help you determine your future with a level of spoilers you choose.

In-Game Hints (spoiler-free)[edit]

The branches to choose a possible future include a short hint of that glimpse's theme. This table simply shows those hints for those who wish to consider their options before being locked into making a decision but also wish to avoid spoilers.

Possible future Hints
A chilly future Destinies between stars.
An obscure future Nocturnal, anarchic destinies.
A silvered future Destinies in an imagined wilderness.
A jewelled future Destinies of conquest and immortality.
An abyssal future Destinies beneath the black waves.

Short Descriptions (story spoilers)[edit]

Each possible future puts your character into a very particular situation and requires you to make a choice. This table briefly describes the situation and the choice for those who wish to choose a future they find interesting or avoid ones that would be out-of-character.

Possible future Situation Choice
A chilly future You are years into your journey flying to a Judgement with the other Masters of the Bazaar. Have you grown fond of the others?
An obscure future The Liberation of Night is here and every light in the Neath is extinguished. Who will you save, if anyone?
A silvered future You are in Parabola, working for the Fingerkings. Today is the Feast of Masks. Which prisoner will you release?
A jewelled future You and your many allies are days away from breaching the Mountain-of-Light What will you do with the power to bestow eternal life?
An abyssal future You are meeting the oldest Lorn-Flukes at the Drowning Feast. What gift have you brought? Or do you instead oppose them?

Rewards of Choices (mechanical spoilers)[edit]

The glimpse you select and the choice you make within it will determine your Destiny. This table simply shows what you receive for each choice as well as any requirements those choices may have.

Note that during Fruits of the Zee Festival and Christmas — but NOT during Hallowmas An abyssal future also requires An Explorer of the Unterzee - The Captain.

Possible future Choice Requirements Destiny
A chilly future Aver it - Authority
Deny it - Gleam
Prevaricate - The Memory
Depart 10 FATE The Road
[…] Tell the Bazaar a story FATE Passion
An obscure future Whoever you can - Gleam
No-one. This is what you've been working towards. - Gloom
No-one! Who cares? - Appetite
The Captivating Princess Acquaintance: the Captivating Princess 1
Your beloved Committed: You are committed to a relationship. The Oath
A silvered future The Bishop of Southwark A Brazen Fate - With Cleansing Blade FATE The Instrument
The Diabolical Diplomat A Brazen Fate - An Infernal Agent FATE Appetite
The Bloody-Handed Queen - Gloom
The Genial Magician - Gleam
Mr Wines - The Curator
Myself 10 FATE Backstage
A jewelled future "...give it to the world." - The Revelation
"...reserve it for those who merit it." - The Curator
"..end it, as I swore I would." - Gloom
"...use it wisely." 10 FATE Backstage
An abyssal future "I bring the Bazaar." - Gloom
Myself - The Memory
Nothing - The Revelation
The Sky 10 FATE The Road
The Name St Cerise's Candle, SMEN 35 Torment

Choices for Each Destiny (mechanical spoilers)[edit]

Each Destiny can only be obtained by choosing particular options; some even have only one path to obtain them. This table is the reverse of the previous, showing which sets of choices correspond to each Destiny.

Destiny Possible future Choice
Appetite An obscure future No-one! Who cares?
The Captivating Princess
A silvered future The Diabolical Diplomat FATE
Authority A chilly future Aver it
Gleam A chilly future Deny it
A silvered future The Genial Magician
An obscure future Whoever you can
Gloom An obscure future No-one. This is what you've been working towards.
A silvered future The Bloody-Handed Queen
A jewelled future "..end it, as I swore I would."
An abyssal future "I bring the Bazaar."
The Curator A silvered future Mr Wines
A jewelled future "...reserve it for those who merit it."
The Memory A chilly future Prevaricate
An abyssal future Myself
The Oath An obscure future Your beloved
The Revelation A jewelled future "...give it to the world."
An abyssal future Nothing
Backstage A silvered future Myself FATE
A jewelled future "...use it wisely." FATE
The Instrument A silvered future The Bishop of Southwark FATE
The Road An abyssal future The Sky FATE
A chilly future Depart FATE
Passion A chilly future […] FATE
Torment An abyssal future The Name

Choosing a New Destiny[edit]

Once you select a Destiny, it is locked. The only way to choose a new one is with Fate. Offer your Strange Catch to the Drownies: Reprise (25 FATE) at the Fruits of the Zee Festival, Embrace a different destiny (25 FATE) during Hallowmas, and The Oracle of the Lintel: Reprise (25 FATE) during Christmas can all be found the same way as the storylets to obtain a Destiny.