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From: After a Heist: The Trade in Secrets

Vesture is a neighbour to Arbor. It may give the Ambassador leverage at Arbor's court.

Game Instructions: You will gain Vital Intelligence and Unprovenanced Artefacts.

Unlocked with Purloined Paperwork exactly 1


Neighbourly intelligence

The Ambassador's official address is modest, though the decor is tasteful and there is a permanent catering staff. The Ministry for Public Decency argued that, as the Ambassador's residence should be in Arbor, expense should be spared.

AmbassadorSecond Paragraph
Duchess2.png DuchessThe Duchess […] takes your documents and slides them into her bag, assuring you that she'll find a suitable use for them. Then she passes you information of her own, along with an ugly gift she never liked. Her sister has 'abominable' taste.
Widow.png Gracious WidowThe Widow […] sends an associate, who places your documents in a locked briefcase. Then, he passes over information from the Widow, along with a gift from the Widow's own vaults. The whole exchange is done in near silence. She would approve.
Sailor2.png Injurious PrincessThe Injurious Princess reads […] with increasing agitation. […] "Oh, she is such a—" A thought strikes her. "No, I can make use of this. […]" She shares information of her own in return and, as thanks, passes you an unwanted birthday present.
Electioncontrarian.png Jovial Contrarian[He] is delighted with your information. "I shall spring this on Her Roseate Splendour at her inconvenience." In return, he shares information of on the manoeuvres of the Ministry, and offers you an unwanted gift from the Roseate Queen herself.
Mansionbalcony.png YouIt is, possibly, breaking the ambassadorial code of conduct to steal information for yourself, but your staff isn't up to the job. You'll make use of it […], but for now, remuneration for your efforts. What the Ambassador owns is yours, after all.