Trade your documents with London's Ambassador 4

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From: After a Heist: The Trade in Secrets

It would benefit the Ambassador to be on top of Arbor's international relations.

Game Instructions: You will gain an Ancient Hunting Rifle, an Antique Mystery, Dubious Testimony and an Outlandish Artefact.

Unlocked with Paperstack.png Purloined Paperwork exactly 4


The relevance of ancient history

The Ambassador's official address is modest, though the decor is tasteful and there is a permanent catering staff. The Ministry for Public Decency argued that, as the Ambassador's residence should be in Arbor, expense should be spared.


Description summary:
The second paragraph changes depending on who is Mansionbalcony.png An Ambassador to Arbor.

Mansionbalcony.png AmbassadorSecond Paragraph
Duchess2.png Duchess
Widow.png Gracious Widow
Sailor2.png Injurious Princess
Electioncontrarian.png Jovial ContrarianThe Jovial Contrarian […] reads through what you've brought him with both eyebrows raised. "Good lord," […] "Well, I suppose I shall have to be a modernising influence. Again." He grins. He rewards you with a bundle of gifts from Her Roseate Majesty. […]
Mansionbalcony.png YouIt is, possibly, breaking the ambassadorial code of conduct to steal information for yourself, but your staff isn't up to the job. You'll make use of it […], but for now, remuneration for your efforts. What the Ambassador owns is yours, after all.

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