Dubious Testimony

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Category: Legal (Notable Sources)
E- Special Dispensation
E- Seed of the Cedar
E0.20 Infernal Contract
E0.50 Dubious Testimony
E2.50 Sworn Statement
1 Cave-Aged Code of Honour
▾▾▾ (Sell for 1x Legal Document)
E12.50 Legal Document
E62.50 Fragment of the
Tragedy Procedures
E62.50 Sap of the Cedar at the Crossroads
E312.50 Edicts of the First City

I saw it! Ask anyone! ...except her. Don't ask her.

Surprise Packages sometimes contain this. It is a possible reward for arson. Watchers and Journalists also receive it periodically.

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It can be sold at the Bazaar:

Selling E 0.50 (no message)

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