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From: The Constabulary of the Evenlode

Each policeman holds up a green stone before sitting. A sergeant makes eye contact with you, nods, and holds up two. A bell is struck three times, to ensure non-players remain alert while their colleagues' focus is elsewhere. The game begins.

Unlocked with Tried to Join Cards (hidden)

Locked with Seeing Banditry in the Upper River 6


A friendly game


Still, while the police play, they gossip. Even leave their notepads out. You leave the table in profit, of sorts.

Description summary:
The first paragraph is variable. Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 14, 60, 75, 90

Airs of the EvenlodeFirst Paragraph
1 - 13Is it cheating when it is built into the rules of the game? The badge on a player's shoulder determines how many underhand manoeuvres they are allowed […] So – are you allowed to cheat 'none', or 'all'?
15 - 29The dealer absentmindedly stubs out their cigar on the table, burning through a pair of sevens. They are replaced from a fresh pack with an eight and a six. No one even raises an eyebrow.
30 - 44For the next hour, the cards are passed anti-clockwise. At seventeen minutes past the hour, the direction changes. Why? "Ask the Evenlode." Useful.
45 - 59You are greeted with shark-like smiles and a glass of cheap whisky. Your stake is very welcome. The rules? Oh, you’ll pick them up fast enough.
61 - 74All change! A fifth queen means the entire table must drink a pint of water before progressing. "Respecting her Highness, see? Can't be drunk on duty." Still – no one seems pleased about this rule.
76 - 89The game is seemingly endless. Players can cash in or out when they choose, and officers have dedicated substitutes for when they are called away. […] It would be unwise to lose the stake of someone possessing influence over promotions.
91 - 100The game is as much one of memory as it is about reading your opponents. The third six played, temporarily changes the rules to Whist. […] the rules shift towards poker. Someone exceedingly bored or equally inebriated must have invented this

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