Turn nark on a criminal friend

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From: Court and Cell: the Constables

Action Cost: 5

On bat-haunted evenings, you sometimes join Farrier John, Musher Jones and Ned the Elder for cards in the Medusa's Head. […] During the last game, they invited you to join their scheme to rob the pawn-shop on Pennyweather Lane...

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Game Instructions: If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest To the Constables.

Unlocked with Closest To - is: None, 1 x Use of Villains, Spending Secrets 4, Ruthless 4


Blowing the whistle

The minute John and the others hit the pawn shop a gang of constables […] sweep up your once-friends […]

The next time a pair of constables pass you in the street, one nods at you and leans to his colleague. "A friend to the Blue," he whispers.

Description summary:
The trio is caught red-handed and will be kept off the streets for quite some time. The constables make a point of treating Ned as the informant, turning the other two criminals against him and protecting your role in this matter; you are now considered an ally of the force.

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