Upgrade your guest room to a Spire-Emporium

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From: The Lofty Tower: the Potential of Premises at the Bazaar

Is it true? That in rare circumstances, when bat-flights align, the most eminent of mortals may achieve rooms in the very Spires of the Bazaar? Certainly, they would have to be eminent indeed. And possessed of a prodigious bribe.

Game Instructions: This will cost ten points of Notability, too! However, at certain times of year, there are easier ways to attain this five-card Lodging.

Unlocked with Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar 3, 1 x Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar, Respectable 9, 1 x Vial of Masters' Blood, Notability 10, A Person of Some Importance - is: Tier 2

Locked with 1 x A Novel Birth-Mark, 1 x Favours: Revolutionaries



The Unctuous Attendant takes your vial, carefully, and stamps your paperwork. […] "One of them will consume it. Its original owner...? […]" You pass into […] the Bazaar. […] And yes: a Spire-Emporium […] Yours.

[…] Something happens that you do not hear, or see. […]

Description summary:
The Attendant takes your vial and stamps your paperwork. He doesn't know which Master will consume your Blood, but one of them will. You go to your Spire-Emporium. When you get there, you feel a gloved hand on your shoulder. For a while, something happens that you can't see.

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