Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar

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The finest of addresses! A shop front and a handsome set of rooms above it, on a street where they sell brass lanterns, blood-apples and some sort of evil snail thing that cures gout. Select this in your Inventory to move into your new lodgings. Allows four cards in your hand.

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It can be purchased from Penstock's Land Agency in the Bazaar, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 80000 x Whispered Hint Perhaps you've wondered," Penstock says, "why the Bazaar is so close to the river." He watches your face. "But I can see you're too wise to ask."

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Alternative Cost

These lodgings can also be bought for less on the Bazaar Side-streets for 50 x Bazaar Permit (worth E 625). Alternatively, with access to the Temple Club you can buy the lodgings for 250 x Volume of Collated Research (also worth E 625).

Premises at the Bazaar

The Echo Bazaar on the South Bank is the commercial heart of Fallen London. Glistening black spires reach into the air. Almost anything can be bought or sold here. All under the benevolent eyes of the cloaked Masters.


Move to Premises at the Bazaar
Move to a Spire-Emporium
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Reclaim your premises at the Bazaar