Upgrade your room reservation to a Suite

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From: The Tower of Sun and Moon: a Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel

The cantilevered glass pleasure-palaces on the roof of the Royal Bethlehem are justly notorious. But they are available to only the most exotic and celebrated of individuals. And they don't come cheap.

Description summary:
Obtain a five-card lodging in the Royal Bethlehem.

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Game Instructions: This will cost nine points of Notability, too! However, at certain times of year, there are easier ways to attain this five-card Lodging.

Unlocked with 1 x Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem, Bizarre 7, 1 x Impossible Theorem, Notability 9, A Person of Some Importance - is: Tier 2

Locked with 1 x A Wink from the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem



The manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel lounges against the wall[…]

He motions to a passage[…] A glass and gilt eyrie waits at the top.

"All yours," the Manager says softly. "I think it always has been. Welcome home. Now. Say the words."

Description summary:
Speaking about "possible impossibilities", the Bazaar, and his excitement to hear your theorem, the manager shows you to your suite.

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