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You might have noticed some of my recent changes involved a certain template that couples item links and quality links with their associated images. Over the last weeks, I gradually made the template more and more flexible to allow for other use cases as those popped up, and it is now quite powerful. I even came to dislike its name a bit less :-)

The parameters that help achieve this flexibility are explained (briefly) in {{IL}}.

Because I have even larger plans for {{IL}} (that most likely I will be unable to finish on my own) I figured these should be collected and discussed somewhere.

First, here's marketing blurb for why it's good to have central image administration:

  • cloud
  • cloud
  • cloud

And here's some advantages that handling images through a template/module (and coupled with its associated wikilinks) has, specifically:

  • link
  • link

Then there's global potential (some already tested, some yet to be tapped)

After myself stealing {{IL}} from its initial author User:Kelenius (sorry about that, all I have to say in my defense: it was soo~ shiny), other contributors have already stepped in and assigned some more item and quality images. But if this is to become the central place managing images in the long run, manually editing a list to occasionally add a thing here and there won't cut it – we would need to automatically generate it for all items and qualities that exist. There are simply too many of these in FL. Welp!

To-do list:

  • Fix issues with escaped ' and probably others (e.g. in Category:Drop of Prisoner's Honey Sources)
  • A way of querying small vs. regular images, in case regular-sized ones are available
    • and perhaps automatically guess to deliver the small one in some cases?
  • Start looking into bots to autogenerate the image list