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Hello everyone. I used to be User:DrinkKryptonite, but at some point I stopped playing Fallen London and deleted my (several) Storynexus accounts. I made a new account in Wikia when I started playing some other games and wanted to edit their wikis here. Now I decided to drop in to Fallen London once more; not sure how long I'll stay.

Notes to self[edit]

Certain living stories[edit]

Recalling a Dream of Other Places[edit]

The Subject of Admiring Attention[edit]

That Which Waits in Shadow[edit]

A Name Written in Blood[edit]


Access codes[edit]

  • Standards on the surface have gone to pot. Riff-raff everywhere. You should relocate to Fallen London, where gentility still has a place.
  • An old family rival isn’t pleased to see you at court, and pulls strings to have you incarcerated. It won't help them. This place can't hold you. Quality always rises to the top. You now have 1 x Gay Bonnet You now have 50 x Intriguing Gossip You've gained a new quality: Connected: Society at 10 - Tolerated
  • You have a substantial quantity of Incendiary Gossip, Tales of Terror and Mysteries of the Elder Continent! Visit the Myself tab, and click on them in your inventory, to untangle their mysteries. You now have 50 x Tale of Terror!! You now have 50 x Incendiary Gossip You now have 50 x Mystery of the Elder Continent
  • Five cups of Darkdrop Coffee, with the Bazaar's blessing! Drink it to take best advantage of the Feast of the Rose. The Feast ends in a few days, but you'll be able to spend Masquing for a while yet. You now have 5 x Darkdrop Coffee