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Railway Building (Guide)[edit]

This guide will help you prepare resources and plan your time for building out the railway.

Purpose of The Railway[edit]

Why even bother? Each station opens new carousels with rewards that are hard to get, if not impossible, elsewhere. In addition, stories about what goes on when you leave London and encounter the wilderness.

Acquiring Tracks and Resources[edit]

Made with Justificande Coins and Bessemer Steel Ingots Bessemer Sources:

  • Stealing from Mr. Irons in Parabola with 200 Shadowy
  • Brawling With Dockers
  • Making Skeletons

Justificande Sources:

  • Brawling with Dockers
  • Heist in the Flit (req. 5 x Favours: Docks)

Building the Great Hellbound Railway to Stations[edit]

Each station is a process that roughly follows the same pattern: you lay track until something happens, or you lay enough to reach the next station. Getting to each station usually requires 3 board meetings (there is an exception):

  • Decide where to go next (only one choice- the next station)
  • An intermediary event (varies, may not be between the previous step and the next)
  • Build the new station (Requires 20 x Hinterland Scrip), and increases your Involved in a Railway Venture

Between these, you will primarily be laying track. A lot of track. Depending on which option you choose, you will also gain support from one of the three factions of the Tracklayer's Union:

  • Emancipationist
    • Reduces Tracklayer's Displeasure
  • Liberationist
    • Increases Liberation of the Night
    • Increases Darkness at the upcoming station
    • increases Tracklayer's Displeasure
  • Prehistoricist
    • Gains various bones upon selection
    • Increases Tracklayer's Displeasure

These have their own rewards, both immediate (in the form of items) and further down the line (with the Supporting the <type> Tracklayers qualities), though supporting Liberationist or Prehistoricist will both increase the Tracklayer's Displeasure.

IiaRV Station Track Laid for Station Railway Steel required per step (total) Other item requirements (per step)
50 Ealing Gardens 3 10 x Railway Steel (30) Common requirements:




60 Jericho Locks 3 10 x Railway Steel (30)
70 Magistracy of the Evenlode 4

Through the Monkprice Hills:

Through the Plains of Thirsty Grasses:

80 Balmoral 4 15 x Railway Steel (60)
90 Station VIII 3 12 x Railway Steel (36)
100 Burrow-Infra-Mump 3 10 x Railway Steel (30)
110 Moulin 3 10 x Railway Steel (30)
120 The Hurlers 3 10 x Railway Steel (30)
130? Marigold Station 3 10 x Railway Steel (30)
Total 316 x Railway Steel or 336 x Railway Steel Depending on route to the Magistracy of the Evenlode See below

Items required[edit]

Station Item Min Max

Intermezzo Situations[edit]

Improving Stations[edit]

Requires Hinterland Scrip, amongst other things For most options, each building makes the next more expensive using the formula 50 x (number of things already built at this station + 1) The first will cost 50 Scrip, the second 100, the third 150, and so on.