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I really like this picture!

Hello, I'm CarrONoir, a sysadmin of this wiki! I'm always cheerful and all too easily convinced about cool ideas! I usually dabble more in the technical side of things (template engineering, semantic database wrangling, general debugging) but I also help to record game content.

In London[edit]

CarrONoir is the closest reflection of me in London. Good-natured, and always optimistic, I treat him like myself, his words are my own. Achieved his Heart's Desire, and open to any social action if you're so inclined, but do send a few words! He (and I) like(s) to read!

To-do (Complex wiki projects)[edit]

These things are major goals that require time and planning. If interested, feel free to ask around (on wiki Discord or the Forum) to see if anyone's working on them!

  • Remove variable uses around the wiki (Expected to become incompatible with the standard MediaWiki parser in the future. Use Lua instead, see Scribunto.)
  • Record actions results as semantic data (The structure of this is important and should be discussed. Since the results are in different templates, you'll have to work with the whole page's code.)
  • Make items use plurals when needed, like the game does (This isn't high priority but would be nice.)
  • Port current skin to Timeless (Uses some deprecated functions.)


Maintenance stuff[edit]