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Total Noman's Friend Loss Calculator[edit]

This calculates the total amount of Noman's Friend required to survive until Millicent's Parlour opens, or a different date if preferred.

  • Calculations are based on data and patterns observed in January and February 2022 and can't guarantee results, especially outside that time period. Additionally, rounding irregularities might cause results to be off by ~1 NF or so every month beyond January.
  • If your next Time, the Healer or survival goal is after January, simply put how many days into the year it will be. For example, if it's on February 9th put "40", and if it's March 12th put "71."
  • The survival date defaults to the opening of Millicent's Parlour, otherwise enter how many days into the year you'd like your Noman to survive (starting from 1st January, not your first Noman's Friend Loss)
  • Set Bonus Week to "on" if Time, the Healer occurs on the End Date AND before noon, giving you a "bonus" Time the Healer (lucky you!)
 template = User:Elderfleur/Template:NomansFriendLoss
 form = NomansFriendLoss
 result = NomansFriendLossResult
 param = start|Current Noman's Friend|100|int|1-77777
 param = startdate|Your next Noman's Friend loss is||group|month1, day1
 param = month1|Month|1|int|1-13
 param = day1|Day|5|int|1-31
 param = enddate|Survive until||group|month2, day2
 param = month2|Month|2|int|1-13
 param = day2|Day|9|int|1-31
 param = extra|Bonus Week||toggleswitch|0,1
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