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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.
A market in the vicinity of the Department of Menace Eradication where palaeontologists and hunters trade in bones.

See Category:Genesis/The Bone Market for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

Unlocked with Take the door on the left


  • Card deck: Cards - Genesis/The Bone Market
  • The deck in this location is limited to 6 cards (or 10 cards for Exceptional Friends).
  • The hand size in this location is determined by your Lodgings.
  • If you leave this location to another location with a limited deck size you will double the number of cards in your deck.
  • If you leave this location and come back later you will start with all the cards that were in your hand when left, except the cards whose unlock requirements you no longer satisfy.