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To do[edit]

  • Create a template for Autofire cards.
    • Resolve terminology ambiguity between Autofire cards and Must Urgency cards
  • Move out Autofire card content to dedicated pages (currently it typically forms part of a Place page)
    • Must urgency storylets that can only be accessed via a redirect should be its own type of storylet
  • Convert Place pages in a manner similar to the Qualities conversion - content needs to live on normal pages, not category pages
    • Create wrapper templates for standard uses so that fewer parameters need to be set (Unlimited Deck Place, Limited Deck Place and Main Setting Place)
  • Document {{Activate Living}} and {{LivingStory}}
  • Convert Luck changes to use numerical luck ratings
    • Categorise Luck pages that only use verbal descriptions
  • Consider a formatting template for "(rounded)" linking to Rounding
  • Make sure that {{Quality Gain}} and {{Quality Loss}} categorise that Gain/Loss pages under the corresponding Quality category
  • Make sure that discrete Qualities do not use {{Item Sources}}
  • Complete Social Action template review
  • Separate Category:Social Qualities based on whether they take user-dependent values
  • Complete Making your Name summary/guide pages
  • Decide how to split content currently living on Story quality pages to create new pages for Category:Storyline
  • Decide on NavBar structure
  • Branches should display button text where it's not"GO"
  • Make it easier to differentiate "minus" values and "range" values in the results
  • Create a template for a block of quirk results that would automatically categorise pure gains (and possibly automatically determine caps and cp changes based on a quirk "tier")
  • Create a template for "redirected from a (Storylet)"-type unlocks
  • Template for Lock conditions (especially flags that serve only to lock)
  • Template for use of quality in a formula
  • Templates for Ambitions
  • Template for card borders
  • Template for redirect storylets that are not in a particular location
  • Disambiguate all the various uses of "Lodgings":
    • "Lodgings" item category (which is "Keys" in-wiki)
    • Domiciles
    • "Your Lodgings" location
    • Cards drawn in "Your Lodgings" vs Cards unlocked with Keys
  • Prettify Keys (aka "Lodgings" in-game) similarly to other item categories
  • Category for quality bonuses from equipment and change Item template to track it
  • Max Equipment Bonuses should track the Advanced Stats
  • Update documentation for storylet for Autofire and NoBranches parameters
  • Template for Profession gains and unlocks