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Shared Resources[edit]

[1x Bazaar Permit, 1x Personal Recommendation, 1x Legal Document] check

1x Cellar of Wine, 1x Whirring Contraption, 1x Volume of Collated Research

  • Volume of Collated Research is MoDS upconvert or
  • Whirring Contraptions should always be sourced from Wilmot's End.
  • Cellar of Wine is either from the New Century card (Glim from Underclay overflow) or from Bottled Giant upconvert.

Renown: The Docks 10, 1x Strong-Backed Labour VS 2x Strong-Backed Labour

  • Either way Strong-Backed Labour should be sourced from the Underclay.

(Note that you should be buying faction items by this point, ideally - use Early Arbor money to buy them.)

[Make a note of what Early Arbor is?]

Clipper Resources[edit]

1x Use of Villains VS 1x Favours: Society, 1x Legal Document, 3x Favours: The Docks

  • Use of Villains should be the ideal choice here for, especially given their extensive use in the next step, so you'll want to be able to efficiently produce lots of them. To this end, set up the newspaper and ideally have a good store of either Appalling Secrets or Cryptic Clues to upconvert to Appalling Secrets, in addition to having unlocked the Newspaper and being able to produce many Journals of Infamy. (Alternatively, for something less shadowy - check intensive, Thefts of Particular Character fuelled by PoSI casing only requires one Shadowy Broad 120 (which does impact efficiency on failure) per 25 journals)

The 12 additional UoVs should be obtained similarly to the previous one.

Zub Resources[edit]

Copy of your Tale of the Future VS A Scholar of the Correspondence 3

  • The former is reasonably easy to get in the course of regular play, works being required for advancement of A Name Signed With A Flourish, however, other works like the Gothic Romance or the Epic Poetic Cycle, (or other works) are better in that they allow you to unlock the first step to the God's Editors Affiliation cheaper. Making_the_Good_Book_Better
  • A Scholar of the Correspondence 3 is rather straightforward to get, by doing What's that? thrice, after unlocking the University. (A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 6.)

20x Strong-Backed Labour, 7x Bejewelled Lens, 20x Whirring Contraption

  • Again, source Strong-Backed Labour from the Underclay, and Whirring Contraptions via Wilmot's End
  • Moon Pearls should be ideally plentiful if you haven't sold them off for echoes, otherwise... [hm, check]
  • Ostentatious Diamonds can be acquired via the Pickpocket's Promenade - cashing out 20 trophies for 3-8. Alternatively, (this is likely the hardest to efficiently source component for a Zub.)
  • Plaques should also be done via the Newspaper to get Journals, then sideconverting the Journals into Plaques or via the selling something (complicated topic) to the Rat Market and buying Maniac's Prayers and then upconverting the prayers into Plaques
  • Magnificent Diamonds are likely best acquired by acquaintances sending you the Shadowy Option of the Polite Poisoner as an assassin when you slight them via the Amanuensis, Newspapers or Parties.

Yacht Resources[edit]

10x Touching Love Story VS The Masters of the Bazaar 3

  • TLS are Best sourced via either Newspaper JoIs, or RM Prayers sideverted twice or once respectively then upverted.
  • [Check CTM]

5x Comprehensive Bribe, 5x Favour in High Places, 5x Cellar of Wine, 5000x Nodule of Deep Amber

  • First of all, grind at least 8 of each of the 5x items, and 8000 Nodules of Deep Amber. Even when you 100% both the Persuasive and Watchul check (both 100% at 134), expect to lose thrice.
  • Comp Bribes: Parabola Onieropomping, not even close. This does mean unlocking Parabola first, which is its own ordeal.
  • Favours in High Places, [Check]
  • Cellar of Wine, BG upvert or
  • Nodule of Deep Amber, [Check]