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A list of candidates for creating disambiguation pages.

A few notes to self (and, theoretically, anybody else who decides to use this table for something)[edit]

About the current content of the table[edit]

  • This table was created with a mix of automation and manual work. Expect the worst of both worlds.
  • This table is currently raw: I found pages with sufficiently similar names but have not yet weeded out rows that require no action.
  • I've separated out existing disambiguations to a separate table. While they obviously don't qualify as "candidates for creating disambiguation pages", it's worth going over them—especially the older ones—to ensure they're not missing anything, style matches current conventions, etc.
    • A few rows have already been looked at and removed. My current plan is to remove rows as I find ones that require no work and to keep (with a mark of completion) ones that I finish work on. I may change my mind on both of these ideas and/or be inconsistent with them, but they're the idea for now.
  • In addition to pages that definitely should should get a disambig, there are some entries that definitely shouldn't (not yet filtered out yet), some that shouldn't under current practices but are worth looking into whether current practices should change, and some I want to look at for other reasons while I'm looking at similarly-named pages.

About disambiguation best practice (a mix of current patterns, me attempting to decree patterns, and me musing over ideas):[edit]

  • Ideals to strive for:
    • If the reader know the in-game name of an action/quality/storylet/whatever, it should never be necessary to search or guess to find the corresponding wiki page.
    • Due to the way {{IL}} works as well as the need to be linked more frequently, Qualities, Items, and Places should always get priority for the primary page name.
    • Even with {{disambig}} pages to help direct the reader, it should be reasonably easy to guess the appended qualifier to navigate directly to the page.
  • Best practices to uphold these ideals:
    • In most cases of name collisions, the primary page name should always be the {{disambig}} pointing to all pages for that name.
    • If one of the pages is subject to {{IL}} (such as a Quality page), it should receive the primary page name and the {{disambig}} page should have " (disambiguation)" appended to the page name.
    • All disambiguated pages—except, of course, ones that get the primary name—should have an appended parenthetical with a short identifying tag. In the rare case where the best identifier is a number, that number should simply be appended on its own rather than in parentheses.
  • Examples:

Candidate Table[edit]

Candidates for {{disambig}}
Common stem Pages
A Clandestine Rendezvous
A Cloud-filled Sphere
A Complication: Jasper and Frank
A Confession of Curiosity
A Confession of Guile
A Confession of Impropriety
A Confession of Pride
A Confession of Violence
A Confession of Whimsy
A Confession of his Amused Lordship
A Confession of the Ambitious Barrister
A Confession of the Bishop of St Fiacre's
A Confession of the Cheery Man
A Confession of the Jovial Contrarian
A Confession of the Melancholy Curate
A Confession of the Veteran Privy Councillor
A Corinthian Belfry Hat
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia
A Familiar Face
A Fourth City Eyeball, made by the Motherlings
A Functionary's Confidant
A Game of Chess
A Gazebo!
A Gentleman of Undisclosed Business
A Ghostly Presence
A Gift from Balmoral
A Hallowmas Primer
A Highly-Accurate Gargoyle
A Legend Among Ratkind
A Lucky Claw
A Modest Proposal
A Monster-Hunting Academic
A Mutton Island Account
A Mysterious Benefactor!
A Name Written in Blood
A New Arrival
A New Henchman
A Nuncian Pocket Watch
A Participant in the (Year) Election
A Person of Some Importance
A Philosophical Courtship
A Poisoned Pen
A Polythreme Drinking Vessel
A Pre-Lapsarian Speaking Trumpet
A Reactionary Tomb-Colonist
A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger
A Reputation of Some Importance:
A Restless Clay Man
A Scrimshander Carving Knife
A Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd
A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering
A Short-Tempered Short-Hair
A Skin-Bound Memory
A Stiff-Backed Young Lady
A Submerged Rector
A Traitor's Carriage
A Traveller's Guide to the Foreign Office
A Venomous Caricaturist
A bronze jar, still cold from the North..
A dance with devils!
A danger to your weasels
A dream about a cave
A dream about stormy weather
A dream about the hold of a ship in a storm
A dream about wine and dead men
A duel to the death with Feducci
A face from the past
A gentleman to remember
A gift
A knock at the door
A lady to remember
A long list
A long-lost love
A lovers' tryst
A memory...
A mysterious envelope
A need to see things completed
A night on the town
A sinister shard of flint
A well-packed keg of Scintillack Snuff
A wildly-spinning compass
Accept his gift
Accept the commission
Accept the gift
Accept the job
Accept your due
Accept your fate
Acquire another Mysterious Confession
Acquiring Confessions
Adopt a Daring approach
Adopt a Ruthless approach
Adopt a Steadfast approach
Adopt a Subtle approach
Adopt an Austere approach
Advance your Career
Advancing your Spouse's Career
Affix (Bone) to your (Skeleton Type)
Agree to marry Poor Edward
Ambitious interest
An Admission of Affection
An Anonymous White Mask, Zee-Stained and Mildewy
An Augmented Electrostatic Machine
An Enfranchised Anchoress
An Epicurean War-Helm
An Indignant Bearskin
An Irresistible Lady
An armoured guinea-pig, shackled to a heavy ball of lead
An exchange of favours
An unexpected volunteer (30 FATE)
Announce yourself
Another romance
Another time
Answer the question
Apply (Bone) to your (Skeleton Type)
Appoint a Pious Henchman
Appoint an Enfranchised Anchoress
Approach her
Arrange an interview with all of your companions
Arrange an interview with yourself
Arrange for the Lord Mayor to send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance
Arrange for the Mayor of London to send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance
Arson and Avarice
Artistic interest
Ask F.F. Gebrandt if the Mayorship wouldn't be a conflict of interest
Ask about Dr Schlomo
Ask about her fears
Ask about her goals
Ask about his goals
Ask about his preferences regarding the venue
Ask for Lettice's Confession in Exchange
Ask for Sinning Jenny's Confession in exchange
Ask for help
Ask for help with confidence
Ask for help with courage
Ask for help with understanding
Ask for the Ambitious Barrister's Confession in exchange
Ask for the Bishop of St Fiacre's Confession in exchange
Ask for the Cheery Man's Confession in exchange
Ask for the Illuminated Gentleman's Confession in exchange
Ask for the Kashmiri Princess' Confession in exchange
Ask for the Soft-Hearted Widow's Confession in exchange
Ask for the Veteran Privy Councillor's Confession in exchange
Ask her about the Liberationists
Ask what she means to do now
Ask what's going on
Assist the Fisher-Kings
Assist with a tomb-colonist exodus
At last!
Attend a lecture on 'spiritual hygiene'
Attend a service at the Chapel (no.
Avoid an unfair tax on jewels
Babysit a troublesome aristocratic miss
Bare-knuckle prize fight
Be Heartless to get what you need
Be Magnanimous to get what you want
Be patient
Become a Minor Poet
Become a Pickpocket
Become a Tough
Become an Enquirer
Become better acquainted with a charming young heiress
Become better acquainted with a charming young jewel-thief
Begin 'A Trade in Faces'– a substantial story
Begin 'The Blemmigan Affair'– a substantial story
Begin 'The Gift'– a substantial story
Begin a Venture: Uncover Hidden Tattoos
Begin a premium story: The Empress' Shadow
Begin your investigation
Begin your pursuit
Benefit from flattery at Dante's Grill
Bid farewell to Hephaesta
Bide your time
Boarding Again
Break a lamp
Bring a bright light to your (Egg)
Build on the (Torso)
Build the station at (Location)
Build up your Base-Camp
Bullbone Island
Burgle a grand residence
Burning curiosity
But the view outside your window isn't right
Buy a kiss from Sinning Jenny
Buy the book
Buy tickets to the Carnival
Carefully now
Case a mansion
Catch a grey cat in the nave of the church of All Christs
Catch the ferry back to London
Causing the wrong sort of interest
Change Candidate
Change your Candidate
Change your Career
Change your mind
Choose Campaigner as your Profession
Choose Enforcer as your Profession
Choose Feducci as your candidate
Choose a Target: The Jovial Contrarian's Campaign
Choose the Implacable Detective as your candidate
Claim caution
Claim curiosity
Climb aboard
Close your eyes
Collect the marked crate
Commission: A Royal Portrait
Commission: Immortalise Jack-of-Smiles in another penny dreadful!
Competitive interest
Compromising Document
Concede defeat
Confound the Constables
Consider New Schemes
Consider separation
Consider sparing one form of the Vake out of fellow-feeling
Consider sparing one form of the Vake, and construct an excuse to do so
Consider sparing one form of the Vake, for your own advantage
Consider your alternatives
Consider your options
Construct a pair of diamond-studded lizard-leather boots of your own design
Consult September
Consult Shoshana
Consult Sister Lydia
Consult the Clandestine Curate
Consult the Delightful Reverend
Consult the Enfranchised Anchoress
Consult the Gilded Minister
Consult the Optimistic Vice-Admiral
Consult the Pious Henchman
Consult the Querulous Theologian
Consult the Submerged Rector
Contribute evidence to a case
Contribute some extra practitioners
Corpsecage Island
Courier for Revolutionaries
Cover your tracks
Cross the Threshold
Curse their ignorance
Deal with your Wounds
Declare your (Skeleton Type) a completed (Type)
Decline the invitation
Decline the offer
Decline their invitation
Deepening Relations with the Court
Defend Jenny's term as mayor
Defend the castle
Defend yourself
Defender of the Public Safety
Deliver Paintings to the Topsy King
Demand an explanation
Demand to know what is going on
Deploy a Gambit
Dig a little distance from the river
Dine on an offering of meat
Discover her plans for London
Discover the secrets of the Clay Men
Dive in the Magistracy Basement
Dose yourself with (your dish)
Dose yourself with the Curatorial Cocktail
Double-cross him
Doubt Street
Dress up
Drown an informant
Duel Captain Vendrick, the Drunken Zailor
Duel Chi Lan, the Royal Fencing Instructor
Duel Colonel Pommery
Duel Father Norton, the Pugilistic Priest
Duel Feducci
Duel Mr Inch and his Menagerie
Early days: follow your nose
Early days: play it safe
Eat fine bread!
Educating Lyme
End this conversation
Enjoy a fungal offering
Enjoy a theatrical entertainment
Enter Arbor
Enter the Carriage
Enter the Clay Quarters
Enter the mirror
Entering Her Enduring Majesty's Court
Entertain the Topsy King
Establish a Parabolan Base-Camp
Establishing Your Position
Examine the books
Examine the gift
Examine the site
Explore its lair thoroughly before it returns
Explore the riverbank in low tide
Exploring Fallen London
F.F. Gebrandt
Fate is on your side
Feducci's Campaign
Feducci's Favour
Fight him off
Fight your less than laudable laudanum habit
Final Preparations
First case for Mr Pages
Fixing Suspicion
Flattery and careless charm
Fleeting Recollections
Flowers for Peter
Fold the note and keep it. Nod somberly to yourself
Follow the trail
For the cause!
For the money
Further expand your Cabinet Noir
Get a report on your supplies
Get into other fights
Getting to know the Flit
Give an impassioned speech on Light and Beauty
Give to the Church
Give to the poor
Give up and flee Parabolan Quarry
Give up your Iron Knife Tokens
Go about your business
Go around
Go back
Go back to your Base-Camp
Go for a walk
Go gently
Go straight to the Dome of Scales
Go straight to the Moonlit Chessboard
Go straight to the Reflection of Your Laboratory
Go straight to the Viric Jungle
Go through
Greet the Captain
Greet the Duke
Greet the Queen
Grunting Fen
Haunted by Stairs
Have a word with the Jovial Contrarian
He's not alone
Head into a Viric Jungle
Head to Ealing Gardens
Head uphill
Head-butt the lid
Hear him out
Helicon House
Hell 2 Hell 2
Help Bring in Peach Brandy
Help from an unlikely source
Help him
Help him escape
Help the Cartographer
Hire him.
His Amused Lordship
Honeyed Laudanum
Hunted by a Mob
Hunter's Keep
If things had been different...
Ignore the Merry Gentleman
Inconvenienced by Your Aunt
Indulge your Melancholy while you wait
Infernal interest
Interested Parties
Interrogate the manservant
Intrigue against the Mayor
Introduce yourself
Investigating the Stones
Invite Sister Lydia
Invite a Crimson Captain
Invite the Drummer to the Board
Invited to Loiter
Involve yourself
Jack-of-Smiles has expanded his interests
Jenny's Lighthouse
Jericho Locks
Join her in her rooms
Join in with a Rubbery Euphonium
Join the Clay Highwayman on one of his walks
Join them
Journey to the wedding
Just sit and sip a spot of tea
Keep it to yourself
Keep watching
Kill Veils of the Third City
Lay track through marsh and keep watch for any buried bones as you go
Lay track through marsh and keep your workforce well fed
Lay track through plains and encourage the Prehistoricists
Lay track through plains and set aside housing for the workforce
Learn more about the Candidates
Learn more about the Election
Learn what you can
Leave the Cave of the Nadir
Leave the Palatinate
Leave the barge
Leave the woods
Leave them be
Leave them to it
Leave your Horsehead Amulets at home
Leave your Lab
Let him go
Let it go
Let me explore on my own...
Lettice, the Mercy
Light Fingers: A False-Star Born
Light Fingers: A Rendezvous with Dr Vaughan
Light Fingers: Dr Vaughan's Dilemma
Light Fingers: Establishing a Parabolan Base-camp
Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum
Light Fingers: Remember London
Light Fingers: Stars Across the Zee
Light Fingers: The Calm After the Storm
Light Fingers: The Lure is Cast
Light Fingers: The Moment is at Hand
Light Fingers: The Wedding
Listen to him
Listen to the Committee's findings
Listen to the compositions
London's Blood
London's Marrow
London's Nerves
London's Sinew
Look into the water
Look up
Madame Shoshana
Mahogany Hall
Make discreet Enquiries
Make sure everyone sees it
Make the arrangements
Making Use of Bats
Making Use of Cats
Making your Name: Duelling the Black Ribbon
Making your Name: What to Do with the Box?
Meet her eyes and make the Sign
Meet someone for a Coffee at Caligula's
Meeting the Topsy King
Midnight Matriarch
Move Along
Move on
Move out!
Move to the Half-abandoned Mansion
Mr Eaten
Mr Fires
Mr Inch Proposes an Exchange of Favours
Mr Inch holds up his end of the deal
Mr Mirrors' Marquee
Mr Sacks! Take my best regards!
Mr Sacks! Take this exalted hymn to patriotism!
Mr Sacks! Take this pail of... snow?
Mr Sacks! Would you care for a little of the '68?
Mr Slowcake's Caducean Rose
Mr Spices
Mr Wines
Mrs Plenty
Mrs Plenty's Carnival
Mrs Plenty's Genuine Rubbery Lumps
Mrs Plenty's Perfumed Pleasure Garden 0 Mrs Plenty's Perfumed Pleasure Garden 0
Mutton Island
Mysteries of the Foreign Office
Neurasthenic Assassin
None of the above
None of them!
Not right now
Not you, though
Nothing for now
Offer her a coat
Offer her a cup of cider
Offer her a guardian
Offer her a surgery
Offer her a tonic
Offer her a weapon
Offer the Merry Gentleman a diamond
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedom
Offer your congratulations on their upcoming nuptials
Offer your services
Official interest
One last effort!
Oneiric interest
Open the letter
Open with a familiar move
Pass it on
Pay the man
Peer over the top of the well
Perhaps later
Perhaps somewhere less demanding
Perhaps you can remember something useful
Personal interest
Planning a Heist
Plans for the Neath
Play unpredictably
Play warily
Play with your weasels
Practice sketching the Statue to (subject)
Prepare yourself
Procuring Cantigaster Venom
Professional interest
Propose that the Unyielding Highlander become Castellan of Balmoral
Prowl the corridors
Publish your experiences with prisoner's honey
Pugilism and politics
Pursuing a Case of Books
Push away the attacking Drownies
Push harder
Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre
Question them about Scathewick
Quietly does it
Race Across the Flit
Raise your standard
Reach towards the shore
Read it, in private
Read the inscriptions
Recalling a Dream of Other Places
Recognise a well-known pain
Record the matter in your journal
Recount tales of a Hallowmas gone by
Refuse her request
Refuse his request
Refuse the request
Refuse their aid
Refuse to help
Reject the invitation
Reject their request
Reminisce about London
Repair a Lamp
Request a demonstration
Request access to the Minister of Culture
Request access to the Minister of Enigmas
Request access to the Minister of State Affairs
Request access to the Minister of War
Reset the Clay Highwayman's Tale
Resist your Forceful instincts
Resourceful Dirigible Pilot
Return later
Return to Balmoral
Return to London
Return to Parabola
Return to the Beggar's Wake
Return to the City of Roses
Return to the Dome of Scales
Return to the Hanging Mountains
Return to the Smoking Shore
Return to the Viscountess
Return when you have an egg for him
Reunite Clara and her sister
Reveal a contemptible truth to the Fool's Apostate
Reveal a cunning truth to the Knight of Numbers
Reveal a devoted truth to the Silent Shame
Reveal a galvanising truth to the False Student
Reveal a merciless truth to the Smiling Jester
Reveal a mournful truth to the Glasswhisper
Reveal an infernal truth to Hammerstrike
Review the Agenda
Review your Confessions!
Revolutionaries 2 Revolutionaries 2
Rob the Bazaar
Rob the Brass Embassy
Rob the Chambers of the Duchess
Rob the Glim Shipment
Rob the Ministry of Public Decency
Run away
Saving the Last Constable
Scandal and intrigue!
Scrabble at the lid
Scream out of the window at passers-by
Seasonal mischief
Second Thoughts
Seduce a Struggling Artist
Seduce a Struggling Artist's Model
Seek a divorce
Seek advice from Madame Shoshana
Seeking Mr Eaten's Name
Sell information
Sell it
Sell to a Constable
Sell to an Author of Gothic Tales
Sell to an Enthusiast in Skulls
Sell to an Enthusiast of the Ancient World
Sell to the Tentacled Entrepreneur
Send a little present
Send her away
Send him to the Surface with an invitation for a friend
Set a place for Mr Eaten
Shadowing Couriers
Share what you've heard of Cornelius' possible return
Sinning Jenny
Sister Lydia
Slip past
Slip through the mirror
Snub your host
Society 2 Society 2
Something else
Something unexpected
Speak to the Jovial Contrarian
Speak to the Mayor
Speak to the Missionary
Special interest
Spirit of Hallowmas
St Arthur's Candle
St Beau's Candle
St Cerise's Candle
St Erzulie's Candle
St Fortigan's Candle
St Gawain's Candle
Steal the Carnival Strong Box
Steam on by
Stick with what you know
Stop and look through a distracting mirror
Study the Portrait of the Tentacled Entrepreneur
Suggest a quiet, intimate dinner instead
Suggest she work on the egg you have
Summon your Patron
Sun-Seared Silken Gloves
Support the Liberationists and build track through marshland
Support the Liberationists and build track through plains land
Surface Ties: the Admirer
Surface Ties: the Seeker
Surface Ties: the Stalker
Sweets to the sweet
Take a barge to the lower rivers
Take a barge to the upper rivers
Take a closer look
Take advantage
Take shelter
Take the Hybrid to the real world
Take your seat
Talk him out of it
Talk to her
Talk to the Cheery Man
Talk to the Last Constable
Talk to the woman
Tear up the note
Tell him to get lost 2 Tell him to get lost 2
That Which Waits in Shadow
The Bazaarines
The Big Top
The Bishop of Southwark's Campaign
The Blemmigan Affair
The Bohemians
The Case of the Missing Heiress
The Case of the Starving Poet
The Cat's Chiefest Claw
The Celestials
The Ceremony
The Chapel of Lights
The Chessboard
The Church 2 The Church 2
The Claiming Wind
The Clay Highwayman's Gang
The Clay Quarters
The Constables 2 The Constables 2
The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern
The Correspondence
The Court of the Wakeful Eye
The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner
The Devil's Own Fingers (action) The Devil's Own Fingers (action)
The Docks 2 The Docks 2
The Duchess' Banquet
The Eater of Chains
The Enthusiastic Urchin: Christmas Gifts
The Envoy from Elsewhere
The Envoy's Study
The Exiled Antiquarian
The Fate of the Clay Highwayman
The Forsaken Crown of a Prince of Hell
The Four-Eyed Moth
The Gift
The Great Game
The Hound of Heaven
The House of Mirrors
The Icarian Cup
The Implacable Detective's Campaign
The Lotus Pool
The Marriage of Feducci
The Masters of the Bazaar
The Numismatrix
The Observer of Falsehoods
The Parthenaeum
The Perfumed Pleasure Garden
The Pirate-Poet
The Princess' Bees
The Rat-Catcher
The Refreshment Pavilion
The Sea of Voices
The Singing Mandrake
The Smiling Demon
The Soul Trade
The Spinning of the Wheels
The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat!
The Subject of Admiring Attention
The Tentacled Entrepreneur
The Tricks of the Courier's Trade
The Triple Crown
The University
The Victor is Announced!
The Viscountess at the Fruits of the Zee
The Viscountess of the Viric Jungle
The Wreckers' Cove
The games tent
The hook and the bait
The ink and the ink
The price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price
The scar and the smirch
The scent and the turn
The season
The stone and the eyes
The trail leads down...
The web, o the web
There he is!
There's something on the wall.
This might be faster... Arrange matters so you meet in a honey-dream.
Thoroughly Experienced Gondolier
Time in Bed
Time is passing: follow your nose
Time is passing: play it safe
Track Veils of the Third City
Trade on your connections
Trading Confessions with other players
Try the Pickpocket's Promenade!
Turn back
Turn on the charm
Uncover Society Indiscretions
Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold
University Laboratory
Velvet Cloak with Burning Buttons
Very well
Virginia's Personal Chauffeur
Visit Furnace Ancona's sleep
Visit Madame Shoshana, the Neath's Foremost Clairvoyante
Visit Mr Mirrors' Marquee of Mystification
Visit the Wry Functionary
Wait for the sunset
Walk on
Watch the comings and goings on the Upper River
Wave goodbye
Wax-Hardened Boots
Waylay a Weasel-Seller
What's this?
Where can the Notable Beasts be Found?
Where to begin?
Work the Carnival
Wrap it up warm and wait
Wrecking Boots
You are being watched
You are yourself again
You understand
Young interest
Your Brother, Returned
Your Daughter, Returned
Your Lover, Returned
Your Spouse, Returned
Your reasons

Completed disambigs[edit]

New {{disambig}}s
Disambig page Disambiguated pages Other notes
"Citizen." Gendertitle change pages
"Deacon." Gendertitle change pages
"Doctor." Gendertitle change pages
"Is this what you hoped for?" Nadir companion card
"Lady." Gendertitle change pages
"Lieutenant." Gendertitle change pages
"Lord." Gendertitle change pages
"Madam." Gendertitle change pages
"Private." Gendertitle change pages
"Sir." Gendertitle change pages
"Stay with me." Nadir companion card
"Your question is unnecessary." Gendertitle change pages
A maelstrom of scandal!
A new architect has become available!
Abandon this
Account for what remains Converted redirect to transcludable disambig
Advise Dr Vaughan to join the Starved Men
Appoint the Empty Principle of Heralds
Appoint the Empty Principle of Hollows
Appoint the Empty Principle of Horizons
Arrange an interview with the Ambassador to Arbor
Ask Fires about its plans for London
Ask about Mr Fires' goals Converted redirect to disambig
Ask about the war in London
Ask her about the Prehistoricists
Ask her opinion of your Grand Company
Ask him about prior winners
Ask him about the Emancipationists
Ask him about the Liberationists
Ask his opinion of your Grand Company
Ask it about the Hillchanger Tower
Attend to other matters
Assist out the... thing trapped in your egg Whitsun
Call in favours from the Church
Climb the dome itself
Concentrate on escaping!
Consult the Parish Council
Cut it fine
Decline the proposal
Dispose of it unopened Converted redirect to disambig
Don't pay a thing
Dream the final dream Transcludable disambig
Encourage Dr Vaughan to return to London once her expedition is done
Enter in the company of a Fingerking
Enter the Palatinate alone
Enter the house
Extend your studies Converted redirect to disambig
Feign illness
Have this statue removed Transcludes Have this statue removed (10 FATE)
Have this statue removed (10 FATE) Transcludable disambig
Inquire about the Church's doctrine Converted redirect to disambig
Inquire about the Church's presentation Converted redirect to disambig
Inquire about the Church's zeal Converted redirect to disambig
Involve the Clay Highwayman's gang in industrial steel robbery
Nurture the creature that bounds from your egg Whitsun
Nurture the creature that claws its way from your egg Whitsun
Nurture the creature that crawls from your egg Whitsun
Nurture the creature that hops from your egg Whitsun
Nurture the creature that strolls from your egg Whitsun
Open it up second disambig deleted
Open the gift Converted redirect to disambig
Pull them up into your arms. Embrace them
Put to Zee!
Read the note Converted redirect to disambig
Read the paper while this goes on
Recall where you are
Rush to investigate Converted redirect to disambig
Sabotage your side Converted redirect to disambig
See whether she has anything to offer Converted redirect to disambig
Seek admittance Balmoral Castle
Shake yourself from reverie Converted redirect to disambig
Smash open your partially enlightened egg Whitsun
Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition Converted redirect to disambig
Tarry a little
Tease them before accepting
Time to go
Turn the subject back to matters of business
Unjustly imprisoned!
Unveil your Painting
Visit your Parabolan Base-Camp Converted redirect to disambig
Wager a penny on a hand of Spite Dr. Blemmigan
Watch what ensues
Welcome the... thing that grows from your egg Whitsun
What do you need?
What does he want?
Whatever's on his mind
Why can you not go on campaign?
You search for an acquaintance
You've been proposed to!

Existing disambigs[edit]

Existing {{disambig}}s
Disambig page Disambiguated pages
A Carriage, A Conversation, A Light Caper
A Repairer of Reputations A Repairer of Reputations (Election)
A Switching of Collars
A bold approach
A cautious captain
A chilly future
A commission from anarchists
A day at the library
A direct approach
A disgraceful spectacle
A dream about a burning river
A dream about a clouded place
A dream about a corridor lined with brass mirrors
A dream about a dark, cold place
A dream about a desert
A dream about a hearth
A dream about a market-place crowded with dead men
A dream about a sacrifice
A dream about a stone knife
A dream about a window at night
A dream about an earthquake
A dream about fireworks
A dream about geometry
A dream about looking in through a window
A dream about thunder
A dream about whispers
A familiar face A familiar face 1
A jewelled future
A letter from an old acquaintance
A lizard of distinction
A name fixed
A serious offer
A silvered future
A spot of blackmail
A white cat!
Abandon this.
Accept the case
Accept the invitation
Accept the task
Acknowledge Mr Wines' stare
After him!
After them!
An abyssal future
An obscure future
An opening in the Game of Knife-and-Candle!
Apply your understanding of monsters
Ask April to work with you again
Ask around
Ask for help with nightmares
Ask for help with suspicion
Ask her to help with ordinary research
Ask her what she's working on
Assist a hypnotist
Attend an assembly of academics
Back to the Department
Bask in the last remnants of the light
Bask in the light
Be cruel to be kind
Be daring!
Be subtle
Bluff your way in
Break down your (Skeleton Type) for parts
Break up the fight
Breed the Plated Seal
Breed the Rubbery Hound
Breed the Somnolent Hyaena
Breed the Tomb-Lion
Bring the meeting to a close
Change to black
Choose Trickster as your Profession
Choose Watcher as your Profession
Choose the Jovial Contrarian as your candidate
Cold feet?
Come to an understanding
Complete a Jaguar Blade Wailing with Hunger
Dash past
Disambiguate the Eolith
Do nothing
Down to business
End your acquaintance
Ensure she never troubles you again
Extract the skeleton of a Seven-Throated Warbler
Extrapolate from the charts
Follow her
Follow them
For the art
Full speed ahead!
Gatecrash a party
Get rid of her
Get rid of him
Get rid of it
Get to it
Give her a name
Give him a name
Give up on this
Give your reflection what it wants
Go looking
Help him out
His Amused Lordship wishes you to call upon him at the Palace
Ignore him
Inform the Constables
Inquire after the tomb
Investigate the Mayor
Invite Cornelius to the Board
It's time
Join a scouting party
Just chat
Keep it
Knock on the door
Lay in supplies and sail
Learn the Traditions of the Forgotten Quarter
Look away
Look closer
Look into the matter
Make Your Name!
Make an impression on His Amused Lordship
Make it up as you go
Make the exchange
Making Your Name: Find a Tattooed Courier's contact
Making Your Name: Watchful
Mechanical menaces?
Millicent Clathermont
Mr Slowcake
Obtain an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct
Offer guidance and perspective
Open it
Open the note
Pass by hurriedly
Perhaps not
Piece your clues together
Political interest
Provide an alibi
Re-enter your base-camp in Parabola
Recertify a double-armful of scraps
Recertify an armful of scraps
Refuse him
Rent a room
Return to the Cage-Garden
Return to the trail
Return to your Base-Camp
Return to your Lodgings
Scant work here, for now
Scraps from the table
Search the Cloud
Send her to the Surface with an invitation for a friend
Send the Bandit-Chief
Send the Disgraced Rat
Send the Talkative Rat
Send the Working Rat
Set to work
She's not alone
Show us the money
Sinning Jenny's Campaign
Sleep's fortress
Slide into the dream...
Something is missing
Spy on the Raggedy Men
Stay where you are
Stories (disambiguation)
Surface Ties: the Assailant
Take a break
Take a breath
Take advantage of the opportunity
Take tea
Talk through your troubles with them
Talk to her about the Tomb-Colonies
Talk to him about the Tomb-Colonies
The Albino Rat
The Bishop of Southwark
The Captivating Princess
The Cats of Spite
The Chalcocite Pagoda
The Jovial Contrarian
The Last Constable
The Lower Mysteries
The Puppet Show
The Repentant Forger
The Sanctuary of the Crimson Petals
The Tomb of the Silken Thread
The dance goes on
The view from your room
Track Veils of the Surface
Track down Cornelius
Trade your documents with London's Ambassador
Urge haste from your contacts
Visit the Department of Menace Eradication
Waiting for the Dilmun Club
Walk away
Watch from the audience
What are they up to?
Who is she?
Work toward a fuller understanding of monstrosities
Write a letter
You've unfinished business in the world of the living
Your course is set