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Guides: Here & echobazaar.wikidot[edit]

echobazaar.wikidot is useful source of information, if somewhat outdated. Still, there are lots of jewels there.

Useful Stuff (in-game) (Unfinished, to be updated)[edit]

Difficulty Level Calculator (Broad difficulty) Work out the likely difficulty level, given your probability and quality level:

 template = Template:Calculator/Difficulty Level
 form = Difficulty
 result = DifficultyResult
 param = quality|Quality Level||int|0-250
 param = prob|Success Probability (%)|50|int|0-100
 param = scaler|Difficulty Scaler (%)|60|int|1-100
Calculator loading...

My favorite pages[edit]

In-game Quotes[edit]

  • The audience are rapt as the organ floods the church with seas of sacred sound. The nave is awash with moonish light like an underwater dawn. Your hair stands on end. Your senses are transported. My, this is cheaper than wine. Perhaps you should do it more often.
  • Ratskin Suit : There are those as looks down on your 'umble ratskin. But your 'umble ratskin is hard-wearin', it's waterproof, and it's remarkable warm. And silk comes out of a worm's arse.
  • The University... they want to keep knowledge in cages. A library is not a zoo! A book is not a prison! We will build castles of this mystery. Castles!"
  • Dubious attribution : The Khan of Dreams, who is merry. The Khan of Swords, who does not speak, but who wields a blade in either hand. The Khan of Fires, who rules incense, and now candles. The butcher Khan of Hearts, the farmer Khan of Roots. The Khan of Drums, whose dance cannot be denied... They have other names now. But their enemies - the Rosers, the Copper, the Motherlings - do those survive in any form?
  • Something forbidden : "This is not our city. Our city has departed. This is its crouching corpse. This is the shell accreted round it. We are overwritten by the Masters.  They will forget us down into the ground. They will make of us lacre. The streets are dead, but let us remember them. Chalk their old names high! Let them be remembered in flame!"
  • Caging ancient echoes : There are no screams in your jars.

                                             The screaming is in your dreams.

  • December 14th "Honoured Foe - it was I who sunk my teeth into your instep that day at the Increate Vaults. I have long admired the taste of your flesh and the brio of your reflexive kick. I hope that on damp nights you may have limped, and recalled me. No doubt you have been bitten by other rats in your time, but I flatter myself I bit with particular savagery. I have asked that my corpse be commended to you on the occasion of my death -"

        Is this a case of mistaken identity? Perhaps best not to say, if it is.

  • ~"You run out of nuns before you run out of bullets."
  • "M-------e became Ladybones Road" An Invitation, originally intended for someone else

PS: I should remember this one.