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Other people have listed things to do, so here are some of my ideas:[edit]

  • Make the first Term Passing section a table as well. Here
  • This page.
  • Make the Overzee islands have more stuff on them.
  • A Category for the Research notes.

Noticing a certain section of the game that could be polished.

  • More guides, the merrier!

A Gallery![edit]

So here's my idea:


No really, I want to collect some of the cool art in the game to showcase here. It's easy to glance over the art but there's some real good stuff in here and the artists have done a phenomenal job with some of them. I still don't have an idea for what exactly I would like this to be intended for but the basic premise seems nifty to me. 

Currently not started, I'll do it when I get some spare time, but if you have any ideas then you can pitch them at me.