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Hello! I don't generally do all that much with my userpage on wikis, but given I've already written one small sort-of-guide for a niche grind I figure I should centralize. I originally just put it in the comments of a relevant page, but if I write any more then this will be more convenient. I don't wish to duplicate the text, though, so for my existing guide I'll just link it from this page and for future ones I'll probably link them to this page.


I decided to grind out a Zubmarine as my very first ship instead of the Tramp Steamer or whatever it's called, which was an interesting challenge given I was a brand-new Person of Some Importance and hadn't even gotten around to finishing all the Making Your Name stories. Here is the main comment I made for this and here is a secondary comment (referenced in the first) covering the grind I used for the Moon-Pearl requirement.