Tales of Mahogany Hall

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You're making a name for yourself at Fallen London's finest and most popular music hall!

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Unlocked with


Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Variety is the spice of life! 'Obtain' licences from the Ministry of Public Decency Moonpearl.png 200  Fox.png 98  Moonpearl.png -200  Silhouetteman.png 10  Mahoganyhall.png +2  Moonpearl.png -200  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Steal ideas from other theatres Sidebarshadowy.png 100  Crypticsecret.png 50  Mahoganyhall.png +2  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Steal props and goods from other theatres Sidebarshadowy.png 102  Nevercold brass.png 102  Mahoganyhall.png +2  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Bribe an orchestra to play for your show Nevercold brass.png 200  Fox.png 104  Nevercold brass.png -200  Moonpearl.png 300  Mahoganyhall.png +2  Nevercold brass.png -200  Sidebarsuspicion.png +1  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Box Office Burglary Don't be greedy Sidebarshadowy.png 97  Sidebarshadowy.png 97  Moonpearl.png 97  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Be daring! Sidebarshadowy.png 107  Moonpearl.png 107  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarsuspicion.png +1 
Ticket touting Sell stolen tickets Urchin.png 10 Renown: Urchins Sidebarshadowy.png 102  Moonpearl.png 82  Bottledsoul.png 15  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarsuspicion.png +1 
Sell forged tickets Forger.pngAcquaintance: the Repentant Forger Sidebarshadowy.png 106  Nevercold brass.png 116  Forger.png -1  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarsuspicion.png +1 
The cutthroat world of advertising Fly-post your bills over the Antimacassar's Fox.png 104  Shard.png 104  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +1 
Sabotage the Imperial Opera's bills Sidebarshadowy.png 108  Shard.png 108  Mahoganyhall.png +1  Sidebarsuspicion.png +1 
A most vexing melody Ask for help Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png A matter of luck: it could go either way. Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png cleared  Sidebarplaguedbyapopularsong.png +2 

Level 10[edit]

Level 12[edit]

Level 13[edit]

Level 14[edit]

Level 16[edit]

Level 18[edit]

Level 20[edit]

Level 22[edit]