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This is becoming a blog post at some point, or maybe a FLW page.

This is based of just, like, one person's takeaways from the survey. I have included takeaways which seemed to be a general trend (which is judged somewhat subjectively).


While I do have a little bit experience with statistics, I have not taken the time to apply and scientific methods. It's more like "if I tilt my head and squint, this could indicate the following trend". Or "those numbers sure look big, huh".

The trends are based on the first 377 responses.


The results are presented in the following form:

Example Heading[edit]

General takeaway/trend

Specific issue that came up related to this question
Remediation suggestion

Navigation to the wiki[edit]

A lot of people wrote in something like "search plugin/smart search of my browser", "I always have it open" and "I have a shortcut like 'fl <subject>' to search the wiki"
Add these options in the next survey
Some people misunderstood the question as "how to you browse within the wiki"
Reword question
At least one person doesn't know about the 1 click extension
The extension should be prominently linked somewhere (possibly on Special:Search via MediaWiki:Search-summary and the sidebar)?

Finding out about the wiki[edit]

The options seemed to be comprehensive enough, although we might consider adding an "IRC" option for Alan.

Editing activity[edit]

Most people who answered were not active editors. (This is good. The wiki is mostly for readers.)

Finding information[edit]

The median response is an 8/10, which shows that the wiki is already quite good, but there is notable room for improvement.

Focus of the wiki[edit]

The comment field was also used for general feedback.

Cleaning up links to the old wiki in the comments
Done as a result of the survey.
Variations of "Making it easier to see where items can be grinded"; "mark retired/seasonal options more obviously"; "focusing on actually available content"
See #Better Information Offensive

Finding guides[edit]

The trend seems to match the answer to #Finding information, although I haven't looked at the raw data to see if there is actually a correlation.

Links in the sidebar usage[edit]

Yeesh. Most people don't use them at all or barely. I am not sure what the takeaway here is.

Results are hard to interpret
See if other answers shed light on the sidebar links issue, or if it even signifies anything. (Most people are still generally happy, after all.)

Links in the sidebar usefulness[edit]

Around 20% report they are not useful at all; 15% report "5", which some users commented they sometimes used as a "dunno/does not apply" option. Otherwise it seems to be an even spread (possibly a normal distribuitiion around 8), which is a bit unexpected, because I personally though it would be a normal distribution around 5.

Links are not useful
Think about what links could be more useful
Interpretation of "5" as response is unclear
Include "not applicable" or similar as an option in the next survey

Aesthetical pleasantness of the wiki[edit]

Most (around 80%) have taken 7-10.

In hindsight, this should have been weighted with "How important is it to you that the wiki is aesthetically pleasing". On the other hand, these kinds of questions are notoriously hard to design because a lot of people don't know what aesthetics they want until they see them. (I do not mean this to be dismissive. It's a well-known fact in the design community. That's why we test things.)
Maybe we should more offensively advertise that users can change the site layout if they are logged in.

Usage of wiki tools vs external tools[edit]

There is a skew towards the side of "within the wiki", which shows we have a better search engine than Tumblr. Tbh I expected this to be bimodal with peaks around 2 and 9. Not sure what the takeaway is here.

Using links to find information[edit]

Using categories to find information[edit]

Using Semantic MediaWiki to find information[edit]

Notably, this has the least number of responses out of all the multiple choice questions. While the other questions have 370-377 responses (with another outlier being #Links in the sidebar usefulness at 361), this one has only 320, that's 15% less.

Also, yeesh. We need to make SMW more useful and present it to the community

What do we do now?[edit]