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It is currently, at least theoretically, year 1902 in Fallen London.

This user runs the bot User:RagnaBot. They are proficient with templates, regular expressions and Semantic MediaWiki.

Game stuff[edit]

They also have the following unusual stuff in-game:

Game notes[edit]

1 Breath of the Void


Feel free to grab the tasks here.

  • make a Skeleton with fins and an albatross wing (missing failure text) to add data to the articles

Data gathering[edit]

Airs of Passengers[edit]

Confirm Airs of Passengers text, e.g. via Astonish the company with an illusion. Note: this is for charter 4 because it is my charter, yours may be different.

Airs of PassengersAssumed Description
4007, 4008, 4009a determined-looking Tracklayer
4018, 4019a Tracklayer wearing the insignia of the Prehistoricists
4050a Rubbery man in a Tracklayer's uniform
4120, 4129a Tracklayer who hasn't bothered removing her helmet
4130(may not exist)

Moulin: Supply to Distance Ratio[edit]

Unfinished dreams[edit]

 From Card/StoryletIDUses
Close your eyes.A dream about a burning river 1Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon (Unlock, 2-4)
Listen 3A dream about a clouded place 28,152Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? (Unlock, 11-13)
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedomA dream about a dreadful bargain242,803
Refuse to cooperateA dream about a dreadful bargain242,801
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedom 3A dream about a dreadful bargain243,223
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedom 2A dream about a dreadful bargain242,804
Shoo the moths away.A dream about a flock of mothsHaving Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 9–12)
Climb the steps into the fountain.A dream about a flock of mothsHaving Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 9–12)
Put your face in the water.A dream about a gardenHaving Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon (Unlock, 10-13)
Find that familiar tomb againA dream about a garden of tombs238,213Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 15 - 20)
Go into a family tomb.A dream about a gravestoneHaving Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 11 - 15)
Sniff the flowersA dream about a peaceful garden238,221Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon (Unlock, 3-5)
Try to catch oneA dream about a town square8,006Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 3 - 6)
It's a harbinger of deathA dream about a walk in the marshesHaving Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon (Unlock, 9-11)
Capture itA dream about a walk in the marshesHaving Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon (Unlock, 9-11)

Guide quality[edit]

  • make guide on useful SMW queries
    • Cap > 5 for quirks
    • for editors: Unknown ID by location

Merge Item grinding guides[edit]

We have several guides on how to get items. The problem is that all of them are in a different state of being current.

Lab stuff[edit]

  • Double-check whether these checks really are not reduced by Research Preparations
  • catalogue missing description texts for experts
  • write a new lab portion of money making guide, particularly for night whispers, Infernal sharpshooters, impossible theorems

Write Second chances grinding guide[edit]

User:RagCall/Second Chances (Guide)

  • write intro
    • what are second chances
    • when would you want to use them
  • collect info on CS

Expand Parabola Guide[edit]

  • Highlight use of Parabola for gaining:
    • (use Has game type:Action Concept:In Parabola to find interesting stuff)
    • Thorned Ribcage
    • Bessemer Steel Ingot
    • Raising Artisan of Red Science Studies (Experiments can only be started here)
    • Raising Mithridacy once you publish the newspapers
    • Use Madame Petrovsky to gain Investigating... to enter Helicon House
    • other uses of Oneiropomp
  • You can enter Parabola from the Upper River without Returning to London via unobserved mirror
  • You will get some stuff on the GHR which requires re-entering Parabola (Hurlers stuff etc.)
  • Ambition: HD requires base-camp at Ambition:_Heart's_Desire!#A_Marvellous_Deck
  • Forget Light

Template/category/property maintenance tasks[edit]

data types[edit]

A Record can consist of

  • a tuple of data types, eg "(Page, Number)"
  • a tuple of a property "(Modifies with, Modifies by)", where a property has a simple data type like Page or Number
  • a combination of the two "(Page, Modifies by)"

However, what does not work is creating, e.g. a Property:Quality, which itself has Type:Page, and then going "my record has fields Modifies with, modifies by" and "Modifies with has type Quality". Is there any way around this?

  • check if there are uses of Template:Item Gain that should be uses of Template:Gain (less likely)
  • make sure all instances of Category:An Estimable Trophy Gain use the correct cap parameter (at least Offer your defensive escort used to not support the parameter)
  • reconsider the way we currently implement caps to deal with An Estimable Trophy, Masquing, etc

other stuff[edit]

  • possibly introduce a Template:Disambig2 for "you may have been looking for..." kind of disambig, see Cultured Attache(e)
  • create category: lab articles with uncertain formulas
  • create category: site maintenance>"unknown modification" in Template:ModifiedBy
  • create a CSS for parser function #info tooltip which isn't quite so terrible on the eyes, or Template:Tooltip
  • check spelling in long categories that should be guides
  • Make a tool that supports you in trimming, e.g. via preview or something? tried sth similar in Special:Diff/552633, but I actually need a textarea, not a text input

categories with a lot of text[edit]


Useful code[edit]

  • Search: \[\[File:(.*?)\|right]]\s*((?>\{\{(?>SMEN|Election|Arbor|Retired|Enigma|Whitsun|Christmas|Hallowmas|Rose|Fruit Festival|Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out|Election)\}\}\s*)*)(?>\{\{(Fate|Social Actions)\s*)
  • Replace: $2{{$3\n|Icon = $1\n

Upgrading Companions[edit]

If you have certain Companions already, the right combination of Confessions will allow you to upgrade them. There is also an Acquaintance who can be upgraded to a Companion this year.

Hallowmas Companions available this year
Original Confessions Upgraded Companion Stats Uses Owned other
Weary Wayfinder owned Epistemological Mapmaker Unquenchable Firebird
Navigator-Elect of the Sea of Spines Rubbery Dragon
Reprehensible Lizard owned Reptilian Darling of the Beau Monde
Genre Painter 10 FATE Prescient Automatist Helicon House entry (equivalent to Genre Painter)
Cloistered Diatomist 10 FATE Monastic Diatomist
Inquisitive Lamp-cat owned Feline Pariah A Cub's Education
Efficient Commissioner (FATE) 50 FATE Efficient Plenipotentiary
Alluring Accomplice 100-ish E Fabulous Accomplice Entering Helicon House; Spouse option
Rubbery Bellringer won't get in time Rubbery Herald Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Campanologist)
Rubbery Campanologist Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Herald)
Working Rat owned Minacious Union-Rat Introduce to Furnace (text-only)
Acquaintance: The Precocious Engineer owned The Precocious Engineer