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It is currently, at least theoretically, year 1900 in Fallen London.

This user runs the bot User:RagnaBot. They are proficient with templates, regular expressions and Semantic MediaWiki.

Game stuff[edit]

They also have the following unusual stuff in-game:

Game notes[edit]

1 Breath of the Void


Feel free to grab the tasks here.

  • make a Skeleton with fins and an albatross wing (missing failure text) to add data to the articles

Data gathering[edit]

Airs of Passengers[edit]

Confirm Airs of Passengers text, e.g. via Astonish the company with an illusion. Note: this is for charter 4 because it is my charter, yours may be different.

Airs of PassengersAssumed Description
4007, 4008, 4009a determined-looking Tracklayer
4018, 4019a Tracklayer wearing the insignia of the Prehistoricists
4050a Rubbery man in a Tracklayer's uniform
4120, 4129a Tracklayer who hasn't bothered removing her helmet
4130(may not exist)

Moulin: Supply to Distance Ratio[edit]

Unfinished dreams[edit]

 From Card/StoryletIDUses
Listen 3A dream about a clouded place 28,152Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? (Unlock, 11-13)
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedom 2A dream about a dreadful bargain242,804
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedomA dream about a dreadful bargain242,803
Refuse to cooperateA dream about a dreadful bargain242,801
Offer up some other dreams in return for your freedom 3A dream about a dreadful bargain243,223
Find that familiar tomb againA dream about a garden of tombs238,213Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 15 - 19)
Try to catch oneA dream about a town square8,006Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead (Unlock, 3 - 6)

Guide quality[edit]

  • make guide on useful SMW queries
    • Cap > 5 for quirks
    • for editors: Unknown ID by location

Merge Item grinding guides[edit]

We have several guides on how to get items. The problem is that all of them are in a different state of being current.

Lab stuff[edit]

  • Double-check whether these checks really are not reduced by Research Preparations
  • catalogue missing description texts for experts
  • write a new lab portion of money making guide, particularly for night whispers, Infernal sharpshooters, impossible theorems

Write Second chances grinding guide[edit]

User:RagCall/Second Chances (Guide)

  • write intro
    • what are second chances
    • when would you want to use them
  • collect info on CS

Expand Parabola Guide[edit]

  • Highlight use of Parabola for gaining:
    • (use Has game type:Action Concept:In Parabola to find interesting stuff)
    • Thorned Ribcage
    • Bessemer Steel Ingot
    • Raising Artisan of Red Science Studies (Experiments can only be started here)
    • Raising Mithridacy once you publish the newspapers
    • Use Madame Petrovsky to gain Investigating... to enter Helicon House
    • other uses of Oneiropomp
  • You can enter Parabola from the Upper River without Returning to London via unobserved mirror
  • You will get some stuff on the GHR which requires re-entering Parabola (Hurlers stuff etc.)
  • Ambition: HD requires base-camp at Ambition:_Heart's_Desire!#A_Marvellous_Deck
  • Forget Light

Template/category/property maintenance tasks[edit]

data types[edit]

A Record can consist of

  • a tuple of data types, eg "(Page, Number)"
  • a tuple of a property "(Modifies with, Modifies by)", where a property has a simple data type like Page or Number
  • a combination of the two "(Page, Modifies by)"

However, what does not work is creating, e.g. a Property:Quality, which itself has Type:Page, and then going "my record has fields Modifies with, modifies by" and "Modifies with has type Quality". Is there any way around this?

  • check if there are uses of Template:Item Gain that should be uses of Template:Gain (less likely)
  • make sure all instances of Category:An Estimable Trophy Gain use the correct cap parameter (at least Offer your defensive escort used to not support the parameter)
  • reconsider the way we currently implement caps to deal with An Estimable Trophy, Masquing, etc

other stuff[edit]

  • possibly introduce a Template:Disambig2 for "you may have been looking for..." kind of disambig, see Cultured Attache(e)
  • create category: lab articles with uncertain formulas
  • create category: site maintenance>"unknown modification" in Template:ModifiedBy
  • create a CSS for parser function #info tooltip which isn't quite so terrible on the eyes, or Template:Tooltip
  • check spelling in long categories that should be guides
  • Make a tool that supports you in trimming, e.g. via preview or something? tried sth similar in Special:Diff/552633, but I actually need a textarea, not a text input

categories with a lot of text[edit]


Useful code[edit]

  • Search: \[\[File:(.*?)\|right]]\s*((?>\{\{(?>SMEN|Election|Arbor|Retired|Enigma|Whitsun|Christmas|Hallowmas|Rose|Fruit Festival|Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out|Election)\}\}\s*)*)(?>\{\{(Fate|Social Actions)\s*)
  • Replace: $2{{$3\n|Icon = $1\n