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It is currently year 1899 in Fallen London.

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Lab stuff[edit]

  • Double-check whether these checks really are not reduced by Research Preparations
  • catalogue missing description texts for experts
  • write a new lab portion of money making guide, particularly for night whispers, Infernal sharpshooters, impossible theorems

Visionary student scrip grind analysis[edit]

  • you want a project that has no additional focuses, for fewer cards to get in the way
  • for now, analysis with 4 work benches is fine
  • assume you hire Vis + 3 others (Gifted, Profound, Meticulous)
  • graduating students give following amount of scrip value:
scrip gain table
Student Scrip value via
Profound 8 8 Night-Soil = 8 scrip in Upper River
Gifted 7 Selling Poetry to the Tentacled Servant for 7 Scrip+1 Action
Met 5 1 Stygian Ivory = 5 scrip in Upper River
Shifty 5 1 Scintillack = 5 scrip in Upper River; might be worth more if used for Consignment Smuggling
  • swapping level 5 student for level 1 costs 2 actions
  • check for tutoring difficulty, assuming 4 workers, is at most adjusted 264 difficulty
  • wlog assume the students are sorted a<=b<=c<=4 (there is no reason to keep a level 5 student around; we are nor after the research gain)
1 1 1
1 2 2
1 3 3
1 4 4
2 2 2
2 3 3
2 4 4
3 3 3
3 4 4
4 4 4
  • we do not need to 100% the tutoring check - the only difference is the chance to cause disgruntlement.
  • Disgruntlement must not rise to level 4 = 10 CP. but that is not a problem.
    • assuming we are (suboptimally) not staggering our other students, 5 tutoring sessions + 1 graduation action will wipe disgruntlement
    • so we really only need a slightly more than 50% chance to pass the tutoring check - 204 Persuasive gives 51%. (for reference, a player reaching the Upper River probably has like +50 in stat equipment, so that's, like, 155 base)
    • if we are staggering our student graduations, Disgruntlement gets wiped even more frequently
    • even if you cannot manage that, graduate someone early, it just makes the grind less optimal
  • action simulation, starting with 0 people in lab
    • take on the 4 students (4 actions)
    • draw cards, assuming <200 experiment, because we don't want to bother with all that stuff with preparations/no preparations, dangerous experiments etc
      • first card is Preparing for a brief Experiment - Prepare carefully (we want to make the check easier)
        • the other two cards are student cards
      • in order of preference: vis > gifted > profound > the other one (because you want to speed through graduations)
      • farm research until your visionary student is level 5; graduate others as needed
      • once there, start graduating other students
      • is it worth it to wait until your vis is level 5 before taking on others? probably not. others will level, whereas greenblack cards are 0 helpful for our goal
  • once you are in the cycle, each action yields:
  • [TODO: run through accidental generation of ideas/epiphanies/connections/results]
    • tutoring
      • workbenches*level of students with 100%
    • [TODO: other actions]
  • TODO:
    • actually run this and check for cards I haven't thought of
      • Parabolan Methods applies, but we can discard that forever for free
      • Violant Ink messes this up :(
    • analyse gains in terms of research and scrip per action
    • most profitable is likely Compendia
    • do not hire new students if not in an experiment (unless you only have 2 work benches overall). this way, you increase your chances to draw the visionary student. then if you get the "not enough workers" cards, hire then to autodiscard those for free

Write Second chances grinding guide[edit]

User:RagCall/Second Chances (Guide)

  • merge info from Opportunity cards guide
  • merge info from social actions guide
  • collect info on SI
  • collect info on HWWN
  • collect info on CS
  • collect info on HEL

Merge Item grinding guides[edit]

We have several guides on how to get items. The problem is that all of them are in a different state of being current.

Maintenance tasks[edit]

  • Check spelling in guides
  • check if there are uses of Template:Gain that should be uses of Template:Item Gain
  • check if there are uses of Template:Item Gain that should be uses of Template:Gain (less likely)
  • catalogue articles with ? in CP gain (is now done via modification to Template:Increase
  • check spelling in long categories that should be guides
  • retire/legacy all uses of Knife and Candle properties, start at A note from Mr Iron, who oversees the Game of Knife-and-Candle
  • merge mobile version of articles with regular
  • autoreplace: "Increase... up to level X" with "|Cap"

write intro to contributing[edit]

Are you looking to contribute to the wealth of knowledge but don't know how to start? Start here

categories with a lot of text[edit]

Expand Parabola Guide[edit]

  • Highlight use of Parabola for gaining:
    • Thorned Ribcage
    • Bessemer Steel Ingot
    • Raising Artisan of Red Science Studies (Experiments can only be started here)
    • Raising Mithridacy once you publish the newspapers
    • Use Madame Petrovsky to gain Investigating... to enter Helicon House
    • other uses of Oneiropomp
  • You can enter Parabola from the Upper River without Returning to London via unobserved mirror
  • You will get some stuff on the GHR which requires re-entering Parabola (Hurlers stuff etc)
  • Ambition: HD requires base-camp at Ambition:_Heart's_Desire!#A_Marvellous_Deck