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Useful replacements[edit]

Assume Regular Expression and Case Sensitive unless otherwise noted

Goal Find Replace AWB Flags Explanation
Remove manually set place categories \[\[Category:(A Flash Lay|A Long Road|A Sand-Choked Dream|A Secluded Coastline|A Trade in Reputations|A boat trip|A dark place|A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral|A small, velvet lined box|A state of some confusion|A train going imprudently fast|Aboard a Tramp Steamer|Adulterine Castle|After the Case|An Exceptional Library|Arbor, of the Roses|Area-Diving in Spite|Avid Horizon|Balmoral|Base-Camp|Bazaar Side-streets|Beneath the Silken Chapel|Breakwater House|Bullbone Island|Burrow-Infra-Mump|Castles in the Ceiling|Cave of the Nadir|Concord Square|Corpsecage Island|Dept. of Menace Eradication|Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies|Doubt Street|Down among the Lorn-Flukes|Ealing Gardens|Evenlode Courts|Fallen London|Far Beyond the Cordon|Grunting Fen|Heartscross House|Helicon House|Home Waters|Hunter's Keep|Iron Republic Streets|Jericho Locks|Khan's Heart|Ladybones Road|Mahogany Hall|Marigold Station|Moloch Street|Moulin|Mrs Plenty's Carnival|Mrs Plenty's Carnival (SMEN)|Mutton Island|New Newgate Prison|On Deck|On a Heist|Parabolan Base-Camp|Places|Plan a Heist|Polythreme Docks|Polythreme Streets|Poring over the Maps|Reflection of your Laboratory|Shepherd's Wash|Spite|Station VIII|Stormbones|The Abyssal Depths|The Approach to the Mountain|The Archaeological Institute|The Blind Helmsman|The Bone Market|The Broad Unterzee|The Castle of Forests|The Cavity|The Chambers of the Heart|The Chapel of Lights|The Chessboard|The Clay Quarters|The Convent|The Copper Quarter|The Court of the Wakeful Eye|The Crowds of Spite|The Dolorous Pavilion|The Dome of Scales|The Empress' Court|The Evenlode|The Flit|The Foreign Office|The Forgotten Quarter|The Gamekeeper's Cottage|The Gates of Hell|The House of Chimes|The Hurlers|The Labyrinth of Tigers|The Liberation of Night|The Magistracy of the Evenlode|The Maze-Garden|The Medusa's Head|The Mind of a Long-Dead God|The Mirror-Marches|The Pillared Sea|The Rat Market (Area)|The Salt Steppes|The Sea of Voices|The Shuttered Palace|The Silent Corridors of the Orphanage|The Singing Mandrake|The Skin of the Sun|The Snares|The Temple Club|The University|The Waswood|The Wellspring of Moulin|The Zee's Mirror|The shadows of the Orphanage|The tomb-colony of Venderbight|Tutorial Prison|University Laboratory (Place)|Veilgarden|Veilgarden (Party)|Viric Jungle|Watchmaker's Hill|Wilmot's End|Winking Isle|Wolfstack Docks|Your Activities|Your Cabin|Your Lodgings|Your Social Engagements|Your Study)\]\]\s* Locations are pulled from the location category and hard-coded here
Transform {{Unlock|$1}} $2 into {{Unlock|$1|$2}} for numerical-like values of $2 \{\{Unlock\|\s*([^|]*?)\}\} *((?>exactly )*[0-9-\s]*)(?=(,\s*{|\n)) {{Unlock|$1|$2}} multiline Search for {{Unlock; capture whatever follows until parameter delimiter | or template end }} into $1; capture any permutation of numbers, dashes or spaces, optionally prefixed by exactly into $2
Transform {{Unlock|$1}} $2 into {{Unlock|$1|$2}} for all values of $2; THIS REQUIRES HUMAN SUPERVISION, as the regular expression is not perfect and sometimes has false-positives \{\{Unlock\|\s*([^|]*?)\}\} *(.*?)(?=(,\s*{|\n)) {{Unlock|$1|$2}} multiline Search for {{Unlock; capture whatever follows until parameter delimiter | or template end }} into $1; capture any symbols until interrupted by , { or line break into $2
remove empty parameters |}} }} no regex necessary, because some of these regular expressions just create a superfluous pipe if $2 is empty
remove manual unlock categories (?'rest'Unlock\|(?'item'[^|]*?)\|(?:.*?)\}\}(?:.*?)}}(?:.*?))(?:\[\[Category:\s*\k'item'\s*\]\]) $1 singleline remove all instances of [[Category:QUALITYNAME]] if QUALITYNAME already appeared in an Unlock template