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My to do list[edit]

  1. Make a success rate generator template. Hopefully all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. Jemann's difficulty calculator is excellent!
  2. Test all carnival games for rare success.
  3. Test all "call in favors" actions.
  4. Clear the Diff and Missing CP categories.
  5. cleanup. currently at n
  6. Add the Author missing category to actions. Started at F. Currently at G no longer relevant.
  7. Replace cards and storylet templates with template:card and template:storylet
  8. Check all Unseen cards. Again.
  9. Check Split them up using your dangerous connections for new quirk requirements.

Notes to self[edit]

  1. User:Vae_Victis/Sortable_Bundle_of_Oddoties
  2. User_blog:Aryenke/Location_Specific_Opportunity_Cards gotta keep this in mind
  3. Keep Poking about among the ruins to see a rare success.
  4. Reduce nightmares through Commission: A Royal Portrait - Take some art lessons or through reading a book in Enjoying the pace of academic life
  5. Reduce wounds through Take_some_refreshment in the first coil or through Attend a feast
  6. Increase hedonist by 1 with Wine-tasting at Summerset
  7. Jemann: "adding '?action=purge' to the end of the address will give wikia an overt nudge"
  8. […]