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Pitching myself forward towards the roiling mass of secrets and fun that is Fallen London:

  • Beware of a certain club whose members honor tools of cutlery and illumination. The wise and the good do not frequent their meetings. Some say they do not even exist...but you should know better.

A Bounty Owed[edit]

  • October 1st: Leraika (a sack of rats, living or dead. surprise her!)


To get a sense of what mobile users and other small-screened users see, add ?useskin=wikiamobile to the end of any page's web address. Then minimize window to a small size for best effect. press the Preview button on the editor screen. Change the width from "Current width" to "Mobile".


  • Make some album pages for postcards, posters, maps, and other non-icon miscellaneous images.
  • User:Vae Victis/Sortable Bundle of Oddoties has an example of a sortable table. Test and possibly incorporate it into item Sources pages.

Dreams to Record[edit]

[Please help out where you're able. There are so many 50/50 luck challenges that it seems unlikely one person will gather all the results.]

A dream about the end of a corridor unlocked w/Is Someone There? 2-4, could be higher

A dream about a different place unlocked w/Is Someone There? 8

A dream about a clouded place unlocked w/Is Someone There? 11

A dream about stars unlocked w/The Fire Sermon 10

A dream about an earthquake unlocked w/The Fire Sermon 12

Personal strategy:
1) Raise "A Game of Chess" to 10
2) Raise "The Fire Sermon" to 10
3) Raise "Is Someone There?" to 11 (try to record Arm yourself and Look at your aura along the way)