Villainy: Area-Diving

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The area is the lower stairs where the kitchen staff go in and out. The area-dive is the art of sneaking in and finding whatever valuables have been left about.

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Unlocked with

Pursue your goal


Making your Name

(with A Name Whispered in Darkness exactly 2)

  1. Making Your Name: the first dive
  2. Making Your Name: the box in the pantry
  3. Making Your Name: What to do with the Box?
  4. Making Your Name: a spot of blackmail


(with A Name Whispered in Darkness 3 or more)

  1. Area-diving: the First Dive
  2. Area-diving: the Box in the Pantry
  3. Area-diving: What to Do?
  4. Area-diving: a Spot of Blackmail