What a lovely face you have

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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! 18b

The lady is heavily pregnant. You smile engagingly. She is wearing the Fading Music-Hall Singer's face, which seems rude. But one should be kind to the gravid. Will she sing for you, too? She may need a tonic to keep her voice in key.

Unlocked with 1 x F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour


A chamber of rose and virtue

[…]sparkle with […] jewellery. Her pregnancy […] causing […] discomfort, until she starts singing.[…]

[…]She was taught a special song to keep her baby quiet. Have you seen the Masters[…]? They used to visit […]. Mr Stones was her very favourite![…]

Description summary:
She has lots of jewels on her. The Masters of the Bazaar used to visit her often, and she especially liked Mr Stones.

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