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From: Of the Pillars

Cast the sack into the water. Irem will back the coin she has issued.

Unlocked with 25 x Justificande Coin


A reply

The coins will sink into the glassy water without remark. But […] you will dream of a serpent of dark stone. It will feast on promises and disgorge secrets.


This knowledge […] will be the repayment of the debt you will have brought home to Irem.

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies based on the Airs of Parabola.

Airs of ParabolaSecond Paragraph
1 - 19In a voice like a grinding mortar, it will speak to you […]: the Chessboard will be supplanted by other games, as past games have always passed […] There will be other kingdoms, and they will find other images to describe the vicissitudes of their wars.
20 - 29[…] it will speak to you […] in hazy images […]: one day, devils will bring their hunts to stranger shores. Their silver hunting-horns will ring out over places yet undiscovered, though the shape of such places is unfixed in your mind, and distant.
30 - 49[…] it will speak to you […]: a dreamer will awake after sleeping for centuries, and find that nothing will remain of their dream-life. Of the waking world they will encounter, they will understand little […] but there will be no dream for them to return to.
50 - 69[…] Parabola will always hold the dreams of London's pleasures – the tea shops and music halls […] But they will conceal themselves from the visitors of the Sixth and Seventh cities; for a Londoner cannot countenance being seen as antiquated.
70 - 89[…] it will speak in hazy images and not so much in words: dream-castles of silk will always rise in Parabola. Though in what broken patterns the spiders will weave their webs, drunken on sights of a still-dawning age, you cannot quite see.
90 - 100[…] the dreams of Polythreme will fill to the brim, as they always do, with the screaming, angry things that no longer find purchase in the Is – violent penny-farthings, insouciant stovepipe hats, and other ephemera of a bygone age.

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