Your Cabinet Noir: The Back Room/Tables

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Cover Identity: ElaborationDescription
0You have not yet begun to develop your cover identity.
1You've chosen a name for your cover.
2You have a cover with a name and an age.
3You've developed the basic vital details of your cover persona.
4You've fleshed out where your cover identity was born, and a few facts about their family.
5You've given some thought to the particulars of your cover's childhood and education.
6You've considered your cover identity and developed their history from birth through adulthood.
7You have richly embroidered your cover identity and committed all the essentials to memory.
8You've trained yourself in the accent, the diction, and the idioms that would most naturally suit a cover identity such as yours.
9You have studied the possible motions and physicality of a cover identity with experiences like yours.
10You know everything about your cover identity, from their sense of fashion to their preference in food to the size and shape and denomination of the coins that would be in their pocket.
Cover Identity: TiesDescription
1 - SurfaceYour cover identity comes from the Surface.
2 - BazaarYour cover identity is highly placed, with connections to Society and to the Bazaar.
3 - DispossessedYour cover identity is associated with a less than wealthy background.
Cover Identity: NuanceDescription
1You've endowed your cover with an accent and a few verbal habits.
2Your cover identity has a favourite cheese and a preferred cut of boot.
3Your cover identity resorts to polyglot puns when trying to make people laugh.
4Your cover identity carries a medal depicting the patron saint you have chosen for them.
5Your cover identity has unsound views on theology, but you know exactly how they arrived at these errors.
6If your cover identity were to sleep, you know what they would see in their nightmares.
Cover Identity: WitnessesDescription
0 – 1You've made sure that your persona has been seen around town a few times.
2You've made friends for your persona, and acquainted them with their neighbours.
3You've created connections for your persona, ones cultivated over weeks or months.
4 – 6Your persona is known to an entire network of devoted believers, all of them absolutely certain that that person is not you.
Cover Identity: CredentialsDescription
1You have created a few false records to establish your cover's name.
2You've forged rudimentary documents of your cover identity's life and history.
3Your cover's past accounts and rental agreements have been detailed exhaustively.
4Extensive paperwork supports the details of your cover identity.
5You've supplied your cover identity with encyclopaedic quantities of documentation.
6Slowcake's Exceptionals describes your cover identity in a detailed starred entry.
Cover Identity: BackstoryDescription
5You've connected your cover story extensively to real events.
10 – 20Significant historical incidents have occurred that might be blamed largely on your cover.
25 – 105Your cover identity will be avidly studied by historians.
125+No history of the Neath would be complete without accounting for the (imagined) influence of your cover identity.