Your Current Loyalty in the Khanate:

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10: The Eagle, Incipient
11-13: The Eagle, Weakly
14-19: The Eagle, Entrenched
20: The Leopard, Incipient
21-23: The Leopard, Weakly
24-29: The Leopard, Entrenched
30: The Tortoise, Incipient
31-33: The Tortoise, Weakly
34-39: The Tortoise, Entrenched
50: A Surface power, Incipient
51-53: A Surface power, Weakly
54-59: A Surface Power, Entrenched
60: A Deep Power, Incipient
61-63: A Deep Power, Weakly
64-69: A Deep Power, Entrenched
70: The Bazaar, Incipient
71-73: The Bazaar, Weakly
74-79: The Bazaar, Entrenched