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From: The lights are out

You'll save who you can, but there's one who must come first.

Unlocked with Committed: You are committed to a relationship.


"Together in the dark"

London is in flames, but the flames give no light. […] There's only one way to go, if you want to be together: up. […] You breach the surface, at last […] You've left the Neath behind: but not the Liberation of Night. […]

Description summary:
You and your beloved take a secret road - less clotted with refugees - back to the surface, supporting each other on a journey that neither could have made alone. You emerge from an ancient tomb to a warm summer's night, safe from surface-death thanks to the Ferryman's Promise. But as the only ones on the surface who know what the Liberation of Night truly entails, you now have a new duty: to keep this upper world alight.

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