Your just due

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From: Call at the Offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, Solicitors at Law

Persons of a certain standing don't actually need to buy premises at the Bazaar... but the paperwork for being assigned space near the glistening black spires is unimaginable. Chalk-nosed bureaucrats have leapt into the river rather than face it.

Game Instructions: You can acquire Bazaar Permits via the Bazaar Sidestreets, or by using Nostalgia items in your inventory.

Unlocked with 50 x Bazaar Permit

Locked with 1 x Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar




When you arrive at your new premises, you find a parcel and a note on heavy cream paper. It reads, 'We are most infatufied to regard you as a neighbour. Take these trifles from our previous guestant and be prudifferent in your dealings.'

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