'I had to get away...'

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From: Among the dead

'I ascended once more to the rooftop.'

Unlocked with Bandagedman.png Haunted by Stairs, Ruinsthird.png Transformed by Stairs 20-29


 'This is somewhat comforting, though it may not seem so to you...'

[…] I look out upon what could be a living city, rather than a dreary Tomb-Colony! […]

'A sense of desperate regret assailed me […] No. Not I. It was not my choice. I was not a king. […] I never could have conceived of such a powerful betrayal!


Description summary:
Your thoughts are being marred by the memories of others that had been around long before you. Some of these others are certain characters that are associated with the Appallingsecret.png Seeking Mr Eaten's Name storyline.

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