'Rely' on the Struggling Artist

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He does not contribute. But he likes to hang around the laboratory. 'Sketching,' he claims. The pencils he's bought with his University salary look to never have been put to paper.

Unlocked with Found Employment for an Old Friend, Experimental Object

Card drawn in University Laboratory (Place)

Occurs with Very Infrequent Frequency (half as common as Standard)

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Send him on another errand
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    Challenge information

    Broad, Persuasive 240 || 164 - very chancy (41%) || 204 - chancy (51%) || 244 - modest (61%) || 284 - very modest (71%) || 324 - low-risk (81%) || 364 - straightforward (91%) || 400 - straightforward (100%)

    Each point of Research Preparations reduces the base difficulty by 1 point.


    Something he understands


    Other things to do

Hook him up to all the meters and stand well out of the way