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Unlocked with Your Own Lab

Main Quality: Watchful

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.


Wiki note: This does not actually exist as a distinct location in-game - it is how The University appears in the setting Science Laboratory.

Managing Lab Facilities[edit]

Conducting Scientific Investigations[edit]

Training of Students[edit]


Dismissal Storylets[edit]

These storylets allow you to remove experts from your lab. (The option to send the Artist out for Honey also appears under this storylet for him.) All can be re-hired later, although after completing Ambition: Bag a Legend!, April is more complicated to re-hire.

Ambition-specific Storylets[edit]


If Wounds, Nightmares, or Scandal reach level 5 or higher, a non-discardable card is added to your deck for each of the aforementioned qualities. However, the player is not sent to menace location if any menace reaches 8.

The University Lab also has an additional menace called Disgruntlement among the Students. Reaching level 4 will add a non-discardable card to the deck. Reaching level 6 adds a card which fires immediately upon being drawn.