'Will you feature in a tale of peril?'

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From: An Unsigned Message

'...if so, let a blood-drop fall on this paper. Post it under the Copper Door of the Bazaar.'

Game Instructions: This way of increasing your Dangerous has been retired. Instead, a story that begins in Ealing Gardens allows you to increase your maximum Dangerous.

Unlocked with Dangerous Base 200, A Person of Some Importance - is: A Shattering Force, Notability 1, Impossible!


At the Copper Door

It has a rich reddish sheen: […]no doubt it would taste of blood. But have you come this far to rashly lick the Bazaar? […]Slip the paper beneath. […]Sleep and in the morning await the infusion of alien strength, like a rush of harsh whiskey.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]