A Bad End

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Appallingsecret.png This content is part of the Mr Eaten storyline.

I acknowledge that frustration is likely, other players may be enemies as well as friends, and I am more likely to fail than succeed. If I spend hard-won resources, or even Fate, and suffer from buyer's remorse or ill luck, no refunds will be forthcoming (unless the loss is the result of a bug). [This item exists to remind you what you'll come to if you continue the Mr Eaten storyline. You may use it to opt out, although this will not undo any damage you have suffered.]

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It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

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Giving up the Search for the Name

This is the end: and the beginning of something better.

[This choice will end your search for the Name, giving up any candles and other trophies, but not healing the ills you have suffered.]



Turn back


...don't turn back yet.

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