A Careful Stroll Around the Neighbourhood

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Description summary:

The Prelapsarian ExhibitionDescription
4Something has changed within London. What, exactly, remains unclear. But there is a definite, dizzy sense that things are not as they were.
10 - 12Buildings have appeared around London. Buildings that were not previously there. The architecture […] is undoubtedly Second City; ghosts or relicts of ancient dwellings. One house, a squarish structure of mudbrick and basalt, has caught your attention.

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Unlocked with The Prelapsarian Exhibition 4-19

Storylet appears in The Museum of Prelapsarian History


Walk around Veilgarden
Bazaardoor copper.png
Explore one of the houses
Get a better look at the statues
Take some Second City artefacts with you on the way out
Leave the place undisturbed