A Carnelian work

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From: Stage your ballet!

Your time in Port Carnelian has given you ample insight into the ferocious aesthetics of the Court of the Wakeful Eye. This work will impress them.

Unlocked with Goldenapple.png Associating with Radical Academics 15, Medal.png Successful Terms as Governor is:

  • A popular role model
  • A cherished leader
  • A lasting influence
  • A legacy established

Wiki note: This branch is only visible after being Restored to Court; the actual unlock check is at the parent storylet

Wiki note: This branch has two (almost) identical looking versions, based on one's Goldenapple.png Associating with Radical Academics level. Besides some minor text changes, the only practical difference is a slight change to the rewards - see below


Grand Guignol

[…] The stage is draped in sapphires […]. You present a society oft misunderstood: rapacious, proud and aggressively charming.

[…] you were right to keep the scene where the lead is messily devoured, having been found guilty of mirror-possession.[…]

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