Stage your ballet!

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The ballet has not enjoyed the favour of the Court since before the Fall. Such disdain will make your victory all the sweeter. The performance will have to be silent, of course. But what sort of ballet will you stage?

Unlocked with Inspired... 17, Working on... a Ballet (The ballet), either Carving out a Reputation at Court 1–3 or Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty

Wiki note: This storylet has two identical looking versions. Some options are only visible after first being Banished from and then being Restored to Court.

Storylet appears in The Empress' Court


A light work based around a Neathy folk tale
A work of romance and automata
A work of barely clad decadence

Options only available after being Restored to Court

An infernal work
A Carnelian work
A Blemmigan work
A work of burning dance