A Catalogue of Essences

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From: The Demi-Monde: Bohemians

You have this little box of treasures. It might raise some cash, were you to auction it. Perhaps it would raise a little more if you lavished particular care on the lot descriptions; if you took advantage of your current reputation...

Game Instructions: If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest to the Bohemians.

Unlocked with Bag.png Spending Secrets 4, Quirkhedonist.png Hedonist 4, Fox.png Persuasive 120, Gift.png 1 x Collection of Curiosities, Sidebarscandal.png Scandal 6, Desk.png Identified with a School: The Bazaarines

Locked with Wineglass.png Closest To


Unexpurgated London Gazette: "A Suspended Auction"

"[…] had not been stolen in the initial riot. The catalogue itself is now suppressed: but this correspondent can assure you that it still exists, in scattered fragments, secreted between pages, kept under pillows, whispered gleefully in the dark.[…]

Description summary:
Tempting as it is, we may not print any excerpts. Oh, it would hardly cause another riot. But we must abide by the Ministry's guidelines.

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